Saturday, 25 September 2010

Greek Island Hopping Adventure, Piraeus to Mykonos..

At The Piraeus Dreams Hotel I was woken by the sound of people moving cases in the corridor, and just as well they were noisy as it was past the designated wake up time.
The ferry, SpeedRunner III, was due to go at 07.45, and we had to collect the ticket one hour prior to this. It was not a problem, the hotel is located about a 5 minutes walk from the harbour gate and we quickly found Gate 7, got the tickets and got on.
This is the Ticket collection office in the port. I don’t know what I thought the ferries would be like, but the modern Speedrunner was not what I had imagined.
Speedrunner III, is part of the Aegean Speed Lines fleet, she was built in either Italy or Australia in 1999 or 2000 depending on whether you believe the company or Wikipedia! It is more like being on an aircraft than a ferry, with aircraft style seating. There are cafes on board and free wifi. It took 4 hours to get to Mykonos, with stops at Tinos and Syros.
The plan had been to get accommodation on arrival in Mykonos, but the night before in Piraeus I had noted that the rack rate for the room was 150 Euros, where I had paid 60 Euros by booking on line. Using the free WiFi(I have just discovered the joy of this facility). I found a hotel; listed as a B&B, that looked good, at a price I wanted to pay, checked out its credentials with Trip Advisor and booked it all whilst on the ferry. The accommodation was Villa Konstantine.
Once off the ferry in Mykonos new port, we were greeted by many vendors with photos of the rooms they have to hire. We got a taxi up to the Villa Konstantine and were not disappointed.

This is the wall from the road, its a little difficult to see the sign.

Villa Konstantine as seen from the road.

We received a friendly greeting from the owner Sharon, she had already received the booking on line. She showed us to our room, a studio that can sleep 3. Very clean and well equipped. Within minutes Sharon had sorted us out with a car rental for our short stay this was delivered to the Villa. We then worked out how to get down to Mykonos town. The walk from the accommodation to Mykonos town took about 10 minutes and at night the track was lit up.
Lunch was taken at one of the small Tavernas in ‘Little Venice’, the food was delicious and the setting sublime. The afternoon was spent relaxing in the sun, till, guess what, it rained. Just for an hour rained quite heavily, but its dry now, so its time to go out into the town for a glass of wine and more Greek Salad with the delicious feta cheese.