Wednesday, 28 November 2012

To Crew the Emirates A380 or not to Crew the A380 that is the question?

Well I have to say that the rosters the Dolly with the Trolly has been getting have been getting worse and worse. Endless turnarounds, more night flights. The Augusts roster was so bad I have not botherd to publish it here!
Thia is in the news:
‘When the Emirates’ A380 entered into service almost four years ago it was set up as a separate fleet. However in the past few months there have been issues that have affected our operation in a way that could not have been anticipated. The decision has therefore been taken that A380 crew will be given additional training so that they will be able to operate on both the A380 and the B777 aircraft. Cross qualifying A380 crew will provide a greater degree of flexibility and enable crew to be fully utilised on either aircraft type. Cross qualifying A380 crew will involve 5 days training. Once training is completed A380 crew will be available to be rostered duties on B777 aircraft.’ So was the ‘Cross Qualifing to be a one way street. A380 crew to fly 777/380 only? No, within days EK announced applications were open to all crew to apply to convert to the A380 but there is Lots to think about.......Not flying the A330/40 so no Africa’s like Entebbe, and I like it there. Limited routes...think, think think! Should she stay or should she change now?

What would you do??? Comments as usual. x