Sunday, 29 January 2012

Air Emirates Crew Roster. Jan 2012.

Happy New Year !, and to start 2012 its straight into SEP, Safety and Emergency Procedures. This annual event is always a stressful time for Emirates Cabin Crew, if you fail you wont have a job! To prepare for this the days off on the 1st and 2nd of Jan were spent studding the new and upgraded Safety Manual, that's what the Crew have in the small bag they have with them. Also attending an Emirates CPR 'drop in' session to be ready for the exams on 3rd and 4th January 2012.
Duly, Jan 3 and 4th 2012 were spent in the Emirates training college and thankfully all the tests were passed, so it was back to work on 5th Jan with a turnround to Tehran, one to Bahrain on the 6th Jan and one to Trivandrum on the 8th Jan. then off to a very cold Moscow on the 10th and 11th of Jan. The 11th of January 2012 also marked the 4th anniversary of working for Emirates and living in Dubai.
12/13/14/ Jan 2012 = Days Off.
15th, Dubai to the Seychelles. then back to Dubai on the 16th.
18th/19th a trip to Frankfurt. this was swapped for a Manchester.
21st a Turnaround to India.
24th Dubai to Newcastle where it would have been nice to see the Northern Lights that had been visible in Durham the night before, but it was raining.
25th Newcastle to Dubai.
26th / 27th/ 28th = Days Off.
and now this blog is up to date.

Air Emirates Cabin Crew Roster. December Swapping to get to Manchester.

In December 2011 its a case of Swapping;
02-FRI Day Off
03-SAT EK 015 DXB 08:20 LGW 11:55
04-SUN EK 016 LGW 13:35 DXB 00:25(+) , This was swapped for a Manchester. Spent the day shopping in Manchester.
06-TUE Day Off
07-WED Day Off
08-THU EK 358 DXB 10:30 CGK 21:35
10-SAT EK 359 CGK 00:15 DXB 05:30
11-SUN Day Off
12-MON EK 763 DXB 10:15 JNB 16:25
13-TUE EK 764 JNB 19:15 DXB 05:15(+) . This was swapped for a Manchester.
15-THU Day Off
16-FRI EK 862 DXB 08:30 MCT 09:30
16-FRI EK 863 MCT 10:45 DXB 11:45
17-SAT EK 775 DXB 10:25 DUR 17:10
18-SUN EK 776 DUR 18:40 DXB 05:20(+)
20-TUE Day Off
21-WED Day Off
22-THU EK 584 DXB 13:15 DAC 19:30
22-THU EK 585 DAC 21:05 DXB 00:35(+)
24-SAT EK 061 DXB 15:00 HAM 18:50
25-SUN EK 062 HAM 20:30 DXB 05:45(+). This was swapped with a German girl who wanted to go home to Germany with an English girl who  wanted to go home for her Christmas dinner.
27-TUE Day Off
28-WED EK 107 DXB 08:15 LCA 10:15
28-WED EK 107 LCA 11:30 MLA 13:20
29-THU EK 108 MLA 14:45 LCA 18:10 ...the first time this destination has appeared on the EK rota. Malta.
29-THU EK 108 LCA 19:30 DXB 00:55(+)
31-SAT Day Off .

Air Emirates Cabin Crew Roster November 2011. The last Economy one.

November started with a turnaround to Riyadh.
2/11/2011 to 4/11/2012 = DO.
5/11/2012 = Dubai to San Fransisco. 7/11/2011 Dubai. Did nothing here but study my workbooks very hard.
8th/9th/10th = DO.
11/11/2011 a turnround to Istanbul.
Then from 13/11/2011 to 17/11/2011, the reason for all the studying, walking in for the Business Class Upgrade Course. You go straight into the exam and.....She passed it! you have to work in economy till the end of the month and that consisted of;
20/11/2011= DXB-DME-DXB.
23/11/2011=DXB-ISB-DXB.....But this got changed to a DXB-MAN-DXB due to a messup with documents.
29/11/2011 = DXB - to Hamburg, last flight in Economy, and after 3 1/2 years its a little sad really.

September and October Holidays. Air Emirates Cabin Crew Rosters and Jollydays.

Fitting in Holidays is always fun, even when it looks like your job is just one long holiday. The problem is choosing what to do, when your Mum says you 'cant have it all'!!!! Well sometimes you can have it all. 
So in September 2011 a long flight  (Etihad) was taken from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, then Sydney to Christchurch. For 10 days in New Zealand for the  Rugby World Cup, and visiting the towns of Dunedin and Queenstown.
Back in Dubai there was the small matter of working to pay for the holidays so went to Houston and back.....took in a baseball match in Houston. Then another trip to LAX where far to much was spent Christmas shopping.

Emirates give you one Flight ‘Home’ a year. When you join the company you have to state the  airport on the Emirates route you want as your ‘Home’, this cannot be changes for the first 3 years. After that you can designate any airport on the Emirates Rotes as your ‘Home’.  You then  get one 'firm'ticket to this destination. This year she chose New York. This is because she attended a sailing competition in the Caribbean for 11 days in October. Flying to New York on the  firm ticket then on to The British Virgin Islands on the dreaded standby.

And to end the fun, a sisterly visit for Halloween in Dubai.

Air Emirates Cabin Crew Roster for August 2011. Just a lot of Turarounds! Thats Ok if you want to be in Dubai in the Summer.

When it arrives in your mail box, your rota looks something like this;

01-MON XX Day Off
02-TUE EK 123 DXB 11:20 IST 15:00
02-TUE EK 124 IST 16:30 DXB 21:45
03-WED XX Day Off
04-THU XX Day Off
05-FRI XX Day Off
06-SAT XX Day Off
07-SUN XX Day Off
08-MON EK 362 DXB 10:40 CAN 22:20
09-TUE 23:10 EK 363 CAN 23:55 DXB 03:40(+)
11-THU 20:45 EK 845 DXB 22:15 DOH 22:15
11-THU EK 846 DOH 23:15 DXB 01:15(+)
13-SAT  23:45(-) EK 807 DXB 01:15 MED
13-SAT EK 808 MED 04:35 DXB 08:15
14-SUN EK 123 DXB 11:20 IST 15:00
14-SUN EK 124 IST 16:30 DXB 21:45
15-MON XX Day Off
16-TUE EK 817 DXB 18:25 RUH 19:05
16-TUE EK 818 RUH 20:45 DXB 23:25
17-WEDEK 374 DXB 23:00 BKK 08:20(+)
19-FRI BKK 09:55 DXB 13:00 773 13:30
20-SAT XX Day Off
21-SUN XX Day Off
22-MON EK 015 DXB 08:00 LGW 12:30
23-TUE 13:40 EK 016 LGW 14:25 DXB 00:15(+)
25-THU EK 374 DXB 23:00 BKK 08:20(+)
27-SAT EK 375 BKK 09:55 DXB 13:00
28-SUN XX Day Off
29-MON EK 135 DXB 09:50 VCE 14:05
30-TUE 15:00 EK 136 VCE 15:45 DXB

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Air Emirates Cabin Crew Roster. July 2011. Nice, South of France.

July 2011.
So, July's Roster=
01-FRI   EK 849 DXB 17:05 DOH 17:05
01-FRI EK 850 DOH 18:05 DXB 20:05

02-SAT 17:15 EK 977 DXB 18:45 IKA 21:25
02-SAT EK 978 IKA 22:45 DXB 00:15(+)

As one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, Emirates increased the frequency of its flights to Nice, France. This flight is now none stop, five times a week. It is the first time it has been seen on this roster.  It is exiting to visit new places, even if the weather is not typical July weather.
04-MON  EK 077 DXB 09:25 NCE 14:10.
05-TUE  EK 078 NCE 16:10 DXB 00:30(+) 
07-THU XX Day Off
08-FRI XX Day Off
09-SAT  EK 121 DXB 14:20 IST 17:55 09-SAT EK 122 IST 19:25 DXB 00:40(+)
11-MON EK 075 DXB 15:00 CDG 20:10
12-TUE 21:05 EK 076 CDG 21:50 DXB 06:20(+)
14-THU XX Day Off
15-FRI   EK 123 DXB 11:20 IST 15:00
15-FRI EK 124 IST 16:30 DXB 21:45
16-SAT XX Day Off
18-MON EK 302 DXB 02:50 PVG 15:30
19-TUE 22:45 EK 303 PVG 23:30 DXB 04:20(+) 
This was swapped for a Manchester.
20-WED, Fly back to UK for a few days!
21-THU XX Day Off
22-FRI XX Day Off
23-SAT XX Day Off
24-SUN XX Day Off
25-MON XX Day Off, back from the UK and get ready for the long trip to Australia.
26-TUE EK 404 DXB 09:35 SIN 20:55
27-WED EK 404 SIN 22:30 MEL 07:40(+)
29-FRI EK 405 MEL 18:00 SIN 23:50
31-SUN EK 405 SIN 01:40 DXB 04:50

Sunday, 15 January 2012

June 2011 Air Emirates Cabin Crew Roster. Swapping till I get it right!

The Emirates Cabin Crew Roster for June 2011 starts out looking like one thing and ends up looking like some thing else.
Working for an Airline involves working odd shift patterns, or unsocial hours, strange hours, call them what you want, if you work for any public service that works 24 hours a day 365 days a year you will end up working nights, weekends and public holidays. So it is with Emirates, if you get a job with them you will work weekends, nights, Religious Days and so on. to help you plan your life most Airlines have a 'bidding' process. At Emirates this runs over a six monthly period and you start off at the bottom on standby. that's what is says it is,  you are on standby, so could get anything! Some standby is at the Airport, other bits of it appear on your Roster. Then you step up the 'Bidding' process, month by month,  until on month six you are top bid.
You can also swap via the Emirates Swapping System. this works out if swaps are' Legal' before it lets you swap. you can swap flights for days off and days off for flights.
2 June = Day Off.
3 June = Day Off.
4 June =
5 June =EK203 DXB at 02.15 to JFK at 07.55.
6 June= EK 204 JFK at 11.20 to DXB at 08.05, we do stay in a good hotel!
8/9/10 June = Days off,
12 June, A quick trip to Saudi and back.
13 June = EK372, DXD at 09.40 to Bangkok at 19.00( and one of my friends is on the Crew, fun, fun!).
14 June = EK 373, BKK at 21.20 to DXB at 00.30.
15/16/17/18/=Days Off, but not in Dubai as there is a wedding to go to in England.
19 June = EK342 to Kuala Lumpur swapped for an Amsterdam.
20 June= Amsterdam to Dubai.
21 June was Dubai to Jakarta, swapped for; 23 June Dubai to Manchester on EK 19 & 20.
26 June= Day Off.
27 June = EK 095 at 15.45 to Rome.

28 June = EK096 at 22.00 Rome to Dubai arriving at 06.20.
30 June = Day Off.
So very good really as long as you can swap it about, Flying time = 113.40 hours.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Zealand Tour, 17th october to 25th October 2011, Northland, Auckland and Surrounds a Rugby World Cup Final, The Emirates A380 all the way from Auckland to Manchester.

Into our final week of our Rugby Tour it was time to head North. The SH 1 North was a good road, in no time at all we left the sprawl of Auckland, through the charming beach resort of Orewa and into the town of Whangarei. Heare we loaded up with food, wine & beer. As we had made good time we pushed on to the seaside town of Ahipara.
The famous Ninety Mile Beach runs from the town of Ahipara to almost the top of the island. Ahipara’s other claim to fame is that it featured in the classic surfing film, ‘Endless Summer’. The beach has towering sand dunes, amazing sunsets and one of the best left hand surf breaks in the world. The bay is called ‘Shipwreck Bay’ as it has been the place where many ships have wrecked, the remains of one, the Favourite, is easy to see, and walk out to, at low tide. We camped here at the well organised Ahipara Holiday Park, this park is a ‘Kiwi Holiday Park’, the same as the one we stayed in the Catlins. It was very well run and homely. The pitches were grassed and flat. The best thing was its large lounge and social indoor dining area which has an indoor fireplace, with blazing log fire, we were glad of it was it was hammering down with rain. The table tennis table was in use all night. There was an internet cafe and Sky TV. The kitchen was clean and well equipped, and the bathrooms had free hot showers.
The next day we drove up to Cape Reinga, the Northernmost tip of the North Island, where the South Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea, you can see the two Oceans mixing. It was so windy here that I almost got blown over the cliff top, causing one woman great distresses as she saw me tumbling, like tumble weed towards the cliff edge! Following that we enjoyed a lunch stop at the perfect Tapatupotu Beach and Spirits Bay. We then headed for Ninety Mile Beach for some fun on the giant sand dunes of Te Paki Stream, you can hire the boards from a cabin (a converted Container) here, the cost was minimal, and tobogganing down the dunes, into the stream, was great fun, despite the fact that I am still finding the sand in my pockets months later! After we had finished playing in the mega dunes we drove to Houhora Heads. The Houhora Heads Motor Camp was the centre of this settlement, it was very quiet and hardly cost anything to camp for the night, but it was very basic, I did have a shower, but had to pay for the hot water so I did not risk washing my hair, to remove the sand, in case the hot water ran out! It was a good job we had stocked up on supplies of Red Wine and Beer and were self sufficient as in this part of the world there was nowhere to get anything and eating and drinking could have been a problem! 

The Top of the North Island.
 Our luck with the weather had run out since we hit the North Island, and the rain and wind continued to interrupt our days. Next day we went out on to the Karikari Peninsula and admired the crecent shaped coves of Maitai and Merita Bays, beautiful even in the rain. We climbed to the top of Puheke Hill, an extinct Volcano to look down on the snow white silica sand dunes of Puheke Beach. I was glad there was a Maori Totem pole at the top of the Volcano or else it my photo looks like I went to Wales for my holiday! Green Grass, Rain and Sheep!
On top of a volcano.
It was just a short drive from here to Mangonui, once a whaling port this town is now known for its historic reserve and world famous fish and chips. The fish and chips were good, (I had the Lobster) and deserve the reputation that they have.
Fish & Chips

Lunch stop
 And so on and into ‘The Bay of Islands’, this has to be one of the areas of New Zealand most people have heard of or seen in the tourist literature. There are more than 144 islands to explore in this region and it is famous for its aquatic activities, we stopped at one of the main centres Paihia and for the first time struggled to find a camp site or accommodation. Paihia its self is a (over) commercialised tourist town, the main road follows the beach. We had passed Haruru Falls and its overbooked campsite on the way in, the falls were very shabby, graffiti on the bridge and litter strew all over. By after a bit of searching we booked into a very nice cabin with a spa pool in the garden.
The next day we got ferry over to Russell. Once described as ‘The Hell Hole of The Pacific’, Russell was a charming town, far nicer than Paihia. The views from Flagstaff Hill were worth the walk up and the large Sundial was interesting. We had a day’s driving taking in the stunning coastline, the weather was to cold to contemplate sitting on the beach so we kept going it was dusk when we arrived at Mangawhai Heads Camp site. This site is located on the beach, and looked very well established, a camp that families would come to at weekends from Auckland. The kitchen was very clinical, wall to wall stainless steel and the showers were once again pay for hot water ones, I prefer the camps with the free hot water. But the camp was very quiet and apart from worrying about the odd Tsunami we had a good night’s sleep. By now it was Friday 21st October 2011, and we were heading back to towards Auckland. Today we planned to visit Goat Island Marine Reserve, and the weather was kind, gone was the grey cloud and it was warm and sunny. As we drove down the dirt access road to the reserve we saw the Seafreinds shop that hires out wet suites and snorkelling gear, they even measure you prior to the fitting of the wet suite, a fantastic service. When we arrived at the Reserve there was a buzz in the air, and the reason for this was that there were 4 Dolphins in the cove. The Dolphins stayed all day, swimming with people they chose to swim with, frolicking, laughing at our lack of swimming skills and generally having fun with us. It is rather disconcerting to have a Dolphin swimming towards you at very high speed! What direction do you choose to go to avoid collision? You don’t you just stay still! Remember this was free, the dolphins chose to swim with us this was not an organised tour and to say it was the highlight of the holiday is an understatement, and this was one of the highlights of my life. Obviously it was late when we left Goat Island Marine Reserve and now we needed to find a place to stay, by now I was sick of the Campervan and the pay as you go showers, so we had a quick look on the laptop and came up with Matakana 360. We phoned the owner, it was expensive but we decided to stay at his holiday let. He gave us the directions and access instructions and we set off to find it.
Matakana Toilets!
Hire your Diving stuff here.

Matakana 360

The village of Matakana itself was lovely, with its very artistic toilets, it was also very popular as it is within commuting distance of Auckland, in fact we could see The Sky Tower from the property. With the help of uor map we found our way up hill to Matakana 360, called that as it is located on top of a hill with a 360 view to die for, the property was beyond perfection and as soon as we arrive the owner rang to ask us if we wanted to stay 3 nights for the price of two, very generous, our only problem would be leaving this perfect property.
The Rugby World Cup Final Match was played on Sunday 23rd October. We drove in from Matakana to the Ferry stop under the bridge, here we got the ferry over to Auckland. The ferry was crowded with All Blacks fans and Auckland was up for the party. We had been so busy that we had not used the Fan Trail to get to the match so as this was our last chance to do so we walked the fan Trail from Auckland city centre to Eden park today, us and 80,000 other Rugby Fans enjoyed this walk on finals day.
The final was a good match with the result that the whole of New Zealand wanted, a victory and a well deserved one.
To finish off our long tour of this fantastic country we visited some friends in Orewa Beach. Then on Tuesday 25th October we chilled out visiting Devonport and stayed at the well equipped Waldorfe Stadium Apartments. Then it was time to go home so on Wednesday 26th October the campervan was returned to Britz hire company, I was glad to see it go and don’t plan on another campervan holiday, you certainly don’t need one in New Zealand.
Then it was time to board the Emirates A380 for the long flight home, Auckland to Sydney to Dubai. Change of planes at Dubai onto another A380 to Manchester.

At the airport

Emirates A380
A drink of Tea in style on the A380.
What I did on my holidays..........

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Zealand Tour. 13th to 17th October 2011. Whangamata, Auckland and Rugby Semi Finals.

Today, sick of the rain, our objective was to seek some sun. The weather forecast said that the Whangamata Cost was fine, so that’s where we went. Whangamata reminded me of the Natal South Coast, (South Africa) in the  winter. It was a sleepy, laid back, surfing and finishing town. The beach was idyllic, a long strip of white sand. The surf breaks are good, but at the same time the sea is safe for swimming in. It was a relaxed, laid back, beach community. Perfect for a family holiday.  Our first choice accommodation, Breakers was full, so we booked in at Marine Reserved. Here, we had a two bed roomed apartment that could sleep 6. Once again the standard of accommodation was high for the price paid. Very clean, the kitchen was fully equipped, even the dishwasher powder for the dishwasher was provided. In the basement garage there were full laundry facilities and an outdoor shower. A BBQ on the balcony and Sky TV inside. 2 nights was to short!  

 Whangamata i site gave us a leaflet on Day Walks, the first one was to The Lookout on the Peninsula, this was an easy 30 min walk along a path taking you to panoramic views over Whangamata harbour and Beach. After this we drove on to the ‘Luck at Last’ Mine walk, but this was closed due to logging! So we drove to the Broken Hills Walk. This was an easy walk, but wet underfoot, you need waterproof boots to do it! However it’s a good walk on a grey day as you are inside at lot! It was very interesting walking through old mining works, tunnels, waterfalls and a deserted village, to explore the tunnels you do need a torch.

All to soon it was time to get back to Aulckland for the Semi-finals. We also had to take the small car we had rented from Juicy Rentals back, and go back up to the Britz depot at the airport and pick up the (second) campervan. Then we checked into a Campervan site set up for the Rugby World Cup. It was at Alexandra Park Raceway. The organisers had done a very good job, and at $70.00 for 2 nights in the city centre it was well priced, as opposed to the $$$ thousands being charged by the Hotels. But it was very basic; it was a car park with porta toilets on it. Transport, in the form of a free shuttle bus, was provided every 15 minutes to and from Eden Park.
Auckland was starting to buzz with Rugby Fever, the waterfront had 4 cruise lines berthed next to the Hilton. As well as many private yachts (they looked like private cruise ships to me!) in the harbour. We enjoyed a long lunch at one of the many new bars by the Plastic Waka...I didn’t get that thing at all, and I was told it cost millions of dollars! The first Game on the Saturday night was Wales V France, and throughout the tournament I had the knack of backing the loosing team as France beat Wales 9 -8, it was a good match.
Sunday was a re run of Saturday, but as the match was the All Blacks V the Wallabies, anti Australian sentiment was the order of the day! The Haka was a disappointment, I had expected the crowd to join in but they don’t and it is far more impressive on the TV than live, but it fuelled the All Blacks to a victory of 20 -6 over a tired looking Australia. So now we knew it would be a France V New Zealand Final.

New Zealand Tour. Monday 10th to 13th October 2011. Great Lake Taupo.

We drove straight down the SH 1 today to Lake Taupo. The weather was poor and the forecast was for more rain. This was a pity as we did not see the lake in all its glory and many of the activities were closed due to the really dreadful weather. Lake Taupo is located on the North Shore of Australasia’s largest lake, the lake is surrounded by stunning volcanoes and bush clad mountains, for us, all of this was hidden by low clouds and mist!
With the help of the Internet we found that the Lake Waimahana Apartments had availability, and the very helpful manager met us at the apartments, we booked for the next 3 nights, and were glad we did. The accommodation was outstanding, a large and modern sitting room with underfloor heating and a gas fire, with wall to wall views of the lake. A large well equipped kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, washing machine in its own ‘laundry cupboard’. The complex has a heated pool and Jacuzzi pool. It was a top notch luxury apartment in which to chill out.
We did not let the rain hold us back and on our first day drove along the lakeside to Turangi, then drove up the SH 1 past the Pillars of Hercules and turned onto Tree Trunk Gorge Road. Here the River Tongariro forms a frothing torrent as is squeezes through black rocks, the river is described as ‘Emerald’, today it was due to the torrential rainfall it was dirty brown, and raging through the Gorge, quite spectacular and scary. We attempted to follow the trail down to the river, but due to the intense rain this was impossible, the ground underfoot was a quagmire. We drove downstream to another churning crevice of the Tongariro River to the Waikato Falls,
In the rain at Waikato Falls
 a sight made more dramatic by the recent rainfall swelling the river to a raging torrent. It is easy to see the falls as they are located next to a power plant. It is a rather industrial spot, but this did not detract from the awesome power of the river. We drove along the Desert Road, but did not get to see any of the scenery as it was all shrouded in mist. At Waiouru we drove along the SH 49 then right again onto the SH 4, and right again onto the SH 47...yes a great big circle! Seeing the sign post for a Chateau Tongariro Hotel, and seeing as it was Tea time we drove to the Chateau hoping for an afternoon tea. As we approached my hopes were high, it was a grand place, and very imposing despite the low cloud and torrential rain. We saw an entrance for The Pihanga Cafe & Bar and entered the side door into a dingy, rundown, grubby, underground type cellar Cafe. Two surly teenagers were behind the counter, chatting and chatting after about 5 minutes they looked up, when asked about Afternoon Tea they stated that we could get a cup of Tea. I asked if we could go up to the main Hotel, to get an outlook at least, evidently this is for guests only. So! We had A Cup of  (dull) Tea in the dull, gloomy cellar and quickly left. Talk about deceptive appearances. 
The next day we did The Craters of The Moon Geothermal Walk. This was a 45 minute walk through an area that appeared in the 1950s, when a nearby power station lowered underground water levels. As hot water was withdrawn from deep within the field, the water level in the deep reservoir dropped and the water that remained boiled more violently, producing more steam. This extra stem was able to escape at The Craters of The Moon. The walk guides you through bubbling craters, mud pools and steam vents. There were many interesting plants that have adapted themselves to the hot steamy conditions to see. Even though we had done the Rotorua Thermal ‘thing’ Craters of the moon was different again, In fact it was a absorbing walk all for $5.00.
Craters of The Moon
We then drove up the Wairakei Terrace road to the Borefeild Lookout. All that Natural power being harnessed by Man...fascinating!

Next was Huka Falls, The falls are really a crevice through rock, this forms the Waikato River into a Blue, Frothing Torrent. The falls are right next to the car park, but we walked on downstream to the Aratiatia Rapids. The Huka Falls end at a Dam, the rapid Jet Boat rides this stretch of water. At 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00 bells and whistles sound as the sluice gates of this dam are raised, and the water follows its natural path through the gorge. We got there in time to see the 14.00 show, and we were glad we did. To end our day we went back into Taupo and followed the Spa road to the park, it was then a short stole to a free and natural hot spring that is located on the Huka Falls Walkway.  
Free Hot Springs.

Huka Falls

Aratiatia Rapids

Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Zealand Tour, October 8th & 9th 2011. England V France, Rugby World Cup 2011. And...we are OUT!

We into Auckland and over the Harbour Bridge, heading for Northcote Point. We were directly staying under the bridge at Number 1 Cottage on the Point. (Google Map it and see what you get?!). Located on the point, under the bridge, and was not noisy.  It was fantastic and must have the best view of Auckland ever. It was easy to walk to Northcote point to get the Fullers ferry over to the city and go to the two quarter finals were had tickets to. Firstly, the England V France Game. We went to the Fanzone and watched Ireland loose to Wales before we set off to Eden Park for the match.
Brian Moor had written a very strange article in the NZ newspaper expressing doubt regarding Frances ability to beat the English; I wish I shared his confidence. We also met an ex All Black on the Ferry, Stu Wilson, what a lovely man, and he was also confident that England would win, again I had
grave concerns.
England played in White, thank God for that! It seems the ridiculous debacle of playing in Black was just a one off . England ran out and looked good for the first 8 minutes, perhaps there was a glimmer of hope after all. Then it started, the familiar ill discipline, the inability to raise the level of the game to the opposition. France were playing really well, but England were all over the shop, looking like a load of schoolboys who did not know what to do. As English fans we were having to listen to all the jibes of ‘Your Poms look like they've spent more time tossing dwarfs, licking faces with old girlfriends and sexually harassing hotel maids…’. England could not come up with any creative play in answer to Frances flair; soon we would be shouting ‘Alley Le Blue!’ The Full time score of England 12, France 19 reflects the dismal state of the English game. Once again the team scuttled away, do not greet, or thank the fans for coming a very long way to support the team, but I suppose they are off to party again? To enjoy the night life on offer in Auckland ? After all what’s a Rugby World Cup Tour when you have a holiday to enjoy?

On a really sourer note, I have never seen English Rugby Fans remove their England Shirts before, well after this game they did, and they did not put them back on again......Did you notice England Rugby Team and Bosses?
Next day we enjoyed an Afternoon Tea at The Langham Hotel before enjoying the Argentina V New Zealand Game.
The Argies Arrive at the game, fun till the end!

Afternoon Tea