Monday, 30 September 2013

So you fly Emirates First Class on the A380 and ask 'can I get an upgrade?'

So you fly Emirates First Class and think can I get an upgrade?
Well yes you can. You can now charter an Emirates Jet. According to Aspire, September 2013: 'Emirates has introduced a private jet service on an Airbus 319. the airlaine has seen increased demand for private travel, from the Middle East and Europe, but also from Russia, China and India. The charted aircraft can fly ALMOST anywhere in the world and takes up to 19 passengers.'
'It features private suites and a large multi functional lounge area in which 12 people can dine, sit on sofas or have a business meeting. there is a shower spa, with a full height shower, under floor heating and skincare products.'
Can you upgrade from that? well you can if you are a Saudi Prince called Alwaleed Bin Talal. He now has his own A380,
The base Airbus A380 costs $300 million and normally fits around 800 passengers. Prince Alwaleed's Airbus A380 is being completely stripped and remodelled with the following mind blowing luxuries:
  • - One parking space for his Rolls Royce
  • - Concert hall with grand piano, seating for 10 and stage for private entertainment
  • - Marble tiled steam room with spa treatments
  • - A "wellbeing" room complete with flat screen TVs on the walls and floors that shows passengers what they are flying over
  • - Five master bedroom with king sized beds, private bathrooms and showers
  • - 20 smaller private rooms
  • - Private elevator that connects the master bedroom to the tarmac for quick entrances and exits
  • - Boardroom with holographic monitors
  • - A prayer room with computer monitored prayer mats that automatically adjust to face Mecca
to see the pictures follow this link
The rich can do it, the rest of us just dream on!

Holiday Time......Family Fun in Orlando, June 2013.

On June 21st we flew with Virgin from Manchester to Orlando. Virgin do two flights a day on this route VS 75 an Airbus 330-300 two class and VS 73 a 747. we chose to fly on the A330 as we had done had flown it in Feb 2013 so know that this fleet has just had its refit, as well as the times being good, departing Manchester at 11.00 and arriving into Orlando at 15.10.
The flight was just OK, the economy seats are quite cramped for a 9 hour flight, the main meal of sausage and mash looked like it had been dropped! and the service in the cabin was sparse. One of our party asked for a second beer and was told they were all gone,  but after asking the SFS about this the beer materialised.
At Orlando airport we had a very long wait, well over an hour for the car we had pre booked through Angus Car Hire, they were using Alamo. At one point we did try the Ford 4x4, but as we needed to accommodate 5 adults and luggage it was not big enough for our party, so we just had to keep waiting till the station wagon we had booked was available.

I had booked a villa from the UK based owner through this web site: It was located in an area known as Indian Wells, it was a 5 minute walk to the Walmart, a 15 minute walk to Earl Bronson Highway near to the 'Old Town' Kissammee, 10 minutes drive to the Disney entrance and about 20 minutes to Universal. It had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a pool and could sleep 8. It was also very good value for money. I was very please with it and would recommend it to anyone going to Orlando.
For us our first stop was the Walmart to stock up on provisions for the next 15 days, we also purchased a small BBQ ( the one thing the villa did not have) and lots of wine & beer.
I had per purchased the tickets to the parks we were going to visit as it was better value for money doing it this way. We had booked a day at Discovery Cove, with this ticket for an extra $20.00 we got SeaWorld, Aquatica and Bush gardens unlimited 14 day access. I also booked Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, again by booking from the UK we got 14 days unlimited access.
Say one, we headed for Aquatica to chill out on the man made beaches, float on the lazy river and use the waterpark. the Commersons Dolphins were good, but Dolphin Plunge was to busy to get on to.
We did not take food with us as we were told you were not allowed to take your own food in, this was incorrect as we saw many families enjoying a home made picnic. 
Aquatica Food Policy
Day two, we drove to Bush Gardens, from the villa in Orlando it took just over 1 hour. If you do not want to drive there is a free shuttle bus that will take you to Bush Gardens and all its big rides. I really liked Bush Gardens, its got a lot of big rides for adults: Cheetah Hunt, Sheikra, Montu, Scorpion, Kumba and the mad wooden roller coaster Gwazi. Each one of these was ridden at least twice! The Zoo and safari side are great as well. I was glad we made the effort to go to this park as it turned out to be our favourite. 
Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens
Day three, we were joined by our visitor from Dubai, she had flown on a ZED ticket from Dubai to Atlanta with Delta, DL07, then Atlanta to Orlando on DL 2069 getting in to Orlando at 11.30am.
The next day we headed for Sea World, last time we visited here was in 1999, and I don't think there have been many changes since then. The park seemed old, dated and poor value for money. The Shamu show, now called One Ocean,  was a great disappointment as it was mainly a video show telling us all to look after our planet. The dolphin show, now called Blue Horizons,  consisted of performers on swings and performing a show with a poor story line. The best show was Pets Ahoy and Journey to Atlantis was still a good fun rollercoaster but I do not recommend Sea World, sorry!
One of the main reasons for this family holiday to Orlando was to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure.  We were up early an in the park for 08.15, there was a queue for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, but it was moving at a steady pace, and anyway, making your way through the classrooms and corridors of Hogwarts is such fun I did not mind if I had to wait a while.
Butterbeer was drunk in Hogsmead and the long wait for Olivanders turned out to be worth it in the end. We had a fantastic day at Universals Islands of Adventure, the only ride we did not get to go on was Rip Saw Falls, at first it was broken and then the queues were over 120 mins so we just did Bilge Ray Barges a few times and got wet on that instead.
The next day we were back for more, this time to Universal Studios Florida. It was very busy with the new Transformers ride in high demand, at least 120 mins waiting time and this stayed constant from 09.00am to 10.00pm. Despicable me Minions was the same.
This ride will make you feel sick!!
We also visited NASA and the new Atlantis exhibition was open. I really enjoyed NASA and seeing the Space Shuttle was an unexpected bonus.

We did lots of other things in Orlando as well as the main stream parks, we went to the Kissimmee Sports Arena Rodeo, scary stuff seeing 8 and 9 year old boys Bull Riding!

We went to Disney's Celebration for the July 4th Celebrations and were very disappointed! Just another place to sell you stuff.
We couldn't keep away from the Wild Side of Florida, visiting Blue Springs State Park. A lazy day was spent here. 

Blue Springs State Park, hire tubes here.
 Our check out from the Villa was 10.00am and our flight was not till the evening, so we rented a day room at the Orland Airport Hotel. This was a good move! I spent all day by the pool or standing on the balcony of the room plane spotting.
Virgin Coming in to Orlando to take me back to Manchester.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Emirates Crew Roster June 2013

EK 005
EK 006
EK 382
EK 383
Day Off
Day Off
Day Off
Day Off
Day Off
SFS Trainee Course - Part 1
SFS Trainee Course - Part 1
SFS Trainee Course - Part 1
SFS Trainee Course - Part 1
SFS Trainee Course - Part 1
Day Off
Day Off
SFS Trainee Course - Part 1
SFS Trainee Course - Part 1
SFS Trainee Course - Part 1
SFS Trainee Course - Part 1
Day Off
EK 003
EK 004
Day Off


Air Emirates Senior Flight Stewardess Assessment.

Not all Cabin Crew are the same! The same grade that is, you can start in Economy, then when jobs become vacant apply and do a business class upgrade, and again if there are vacancies, a First Class Upgrade.
On board there are also Senior Fight Stewards / Stewardess; the SFS,  and the Purser. if the Purser is female she is easy to spot as she has a brown uniform, for the male Purses it is just a small difference in the tie that distinguishes them, for the SFS, there uniform is the same as the rest of the crew, you have to read the badge!
In March Emirates SFS positions were advertised and duly applied for. Although having had long term sickness with the fractured finger the Dolly with the Trolley did not expect to hear anything, as things like your sickness record, attendance record and feedback all count towards your chances of selection.
How nice then to receive this email:

''Thank you for your recent interest in SFS position.

We are pleased to inform you that your initial application has been successful and you have been shortlisted to attend an assessment centre. You will shortly receive a communication with regards to available dates and details on how to schedule an assessment.

This will be an exciting and challenging opportunity for you and will allow you to continue both your professional and personal development.

In the meantime if you require further clarification please contact your Cabin Crew Manager.

Congratulations on being shortlisted and we wish you every success in the future.

Kind regards,''

So there is a lot of work to do to prepare for this. ELearning and preparation and a full day at the assessment centre.
Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Travel Planning Service. Let me Plan your Next Getaway?

Let Me Plan your Next Holiday?
-Tell me where you would like to go, or are going and I will do the rest

If you are planning your next trip/ vacation or holiday and you find your are getting poor advice from your travel agent, or you cant find what your looking for on line?  Then you need my help.
I have first hand experience of many countries around the globe. Plus the advantage of global and aviation expertise,  I can help you find the best prices, most efficient transport, top unique experiences to make every holiday a ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’.

Let me help you..  I now offer a travel planning service to help you get the most out of your next Vacation, its all about Quality not Quantity. My services include:
  • Cabin Crew Layover planning, get the most out of your 24 hours at your destination.
  • Cruise Ship Port of Call planning, get the most out of your time in port with out paying inflated prices.
  • General Holiday Plans.
How it works,
email me with your vacation ideas, they can be as vague as you want, I will then have:
- A Consultation to discuss your goals and interests and Holiday Type you want.

and produce a plan with;
-Destination ideas, including secret local knowledge you may not know about.
- Flight booking advice for the, best routes, best aircraft, best timings, best seats.
- Hotel suggestions.
- Car rental options for your itinerary
- Train, Ferry, Small Aircraft and other regional transport booking advice
- Visa advice if your trip requires a visa
- Produce an Itinerary prior to your departure 

See My Trip Reports on this blog for inspiration and more detail of things I have done.

Why Use this Service? What can I do for you that you can’t do for yourself? In a Nutshell....Nothing. You can book your trip on your own. won’t always get the best experience, eat at the best restaurants, walk to the best places, find out local secrets or travel in the most efficient way.

Using my extensive global  local knowledge you will make the most of your trip. Save your time. Save your money.

I am a Southern Africa Specialist.

You will be able to take even more trips/ holidays/ vacations getting better quality and value for your money and less cost.

The Booking; I don’t offer a booking service. I will do the research for you, but you will purchase the travel yourself.

The Cost

Pricing depends on what you want to do on your trip , the number of destinations and the amount of things on your itinerary that you would like me to help you plan and the time it takes me to put this together.
I charge £20.00 per hour.


For additional information and a free quote, please contact Moira at or via this blog.