Monday, 30 September 2013

So you fly Emirates First Class on the A380 and ask 'can I get an upgrade?'

So you fly Emirates First Class and think can I get an upgrade?
Well yes you can. You can now charter an Emirates Jet. According to Aspire, September 2013: 'Emirates has introduced a private jet service on an Airbus 319. the airlaine has seen increased demand for private travel, from the Middle East and Europe, but also from Russia, China and India. The charted aircraft can fly ALMOST anywhere in the world and takes up to 19 passengers.'
'It features private suites and a large multi functional lounge area in which 12 people can dine, sit on sofas or have a business meeting. there is a shower spa, with a full height shower, under floor heating and skincare products.'
Can you upgrade from that? well you can if you are a Saudi Prince called Alwaleed Bin Talal. He now has his own A380,
The base Airbus A380 costs $300 million and normally fits around 800 passengers. Prince Alwaleed's Airbus A380 is being completely stripped and remodelled with the following mind blowing luxuries:
  • - One parking space for his Rolls Royce
  • - Concert hall with grand piano, seating for 10 and stage for private entertainment
  • - Marble tiled steam room with spa treatments
  • - A "wellbeing" room complete with flat screen TVs on the walls and floors that shows passengers what they are flying over
  • - Five master bedroom with king sized beds, private bathrooms and showers
  • - 20 smaller private rooms
  • - Private elevator that connects the master bedroom to the tarmac for quick entrances and exits
  • - Boardroom with holographic monitors
  • - A prayer room with computer monitored prayer mats that automatically adjust to face Mecca
to see the pictures follow this link
The rich can do it, the rest of us just dream on!