Sunday, 28 April 2013

It has been such a long time since I wrote anything, I don't know why! I just do not seem to have had any time. Also I like to put photos on and Google seem to have restricted the amount I can upload, so I need to work that out.
I am writing this from a tall building located on a very busy road in Dubai, so as you can see the Dolly with the trolley is still working for the ever expanding Emirates Airline.
She did take up the option of 'cross qualifying', and is now crewing the magnificent Emirates Airline A380 as well as the occasional 777.
In October she was one of the first groups of 777 staff to be selected to coss qualify and went back to Emirates training collage to learn the A380. She had done her mandatory safety and emergency procedures (SEP) in Feb 2012, and had she known that she would have to do it again as part of the Cross Qualification she may not have applied! However, her application was a success and now it was back to training collage for SEP and to be tested on all things A380. Of all the things about her job that she loves, training collage with its large mock ups of the aircraft and pool with slides, this is the thing she loves best. The large adventure playground for adults, such fun. After one full intense week, all exams were passed and she was officially licensed to fly the dig double decker as well as trained to serve at the bar.
Just as when she started working for the airline, she had one flight in a supernumerary capacity, this one to Kuala Lumper.
This is a link to a web page that has a really good article about the Emirates Training Collage,
I do have lots to tell, as I have had holidays to Istanbul, Florida and Sri Lanka, so there is plenty to blog. I have just got to get on with it!