Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Travel Planning Service. Let me Plan your Next Getaway?

Let Me Plan your Next Holiday?
-Tell me where you would like to go, or are going and I will do the rest

If you are planning your next trip/ vacation or holiday and you find your are getting poor advice from your travel agent, or you cant find what your looking for on line?  Then you need my help.
I have first hand experience of many countries around the globe. Plus the advantage of global and aviation expertise,  I can help you find the best prices, most efficient transport, top unique experiences to make every holiday a ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’.

Let me help you..  I now offer a travel planning service to help you get the most out of your next Vacation, its all about Quality not Quantity. My services include:
  • Cabin Crew Layover planning, get the most out of your 24 hours at your destination.
  • Cruise Ship Port of Call planning, get the most out of your time in port with out paying inflated prices.
  • General Holiday Plans.
How it works,
email me with your vacation ideas, they can be as vague as you want, I will then have:
- A Consultation to discuss your goals and interests and Holiday Type you want.

and produce a plan with;
-Destination ideas, including secret local knowledge you may not know about.
- Flight booking advice for the, best routes, best aircraft, best timings, best seats.
- Hotel suggestions.
- Car rental options for your itinerary
- Train, Ferry, Small Aircraft and other regional transport booking advice
- Visa advice if your trip requires a visa
- Produce an Itinerary prior to your departure 

See My Trip Reports on this blog for inspiration and more detail of things I have done.

Why Use this Service? What can I do for you that you can’t do for yourself? In a Nutshell....Nothing. You can book your trip on your own. won’t always get the best experience, eat at the best restaurants, walk to the best places, find out local secrets or travel in the most efficient way.

Using my extensive global  local knowledge you will make the most of your trip. Save your time. Save your money.

I am a Southern Africa Specialist.

You will be able to take even more trips/ holidays/ vacations getting better quality and value for your money and less cost.

The Booking; I don’t offer a booking service. I will do the research for you, but you will purchase the travel yourself.

The Cost

Pricing depends on what you want to do on your trip , the number of destinations and the amount of things on your itinerary that you would like me to help you plan and the time it takes me to put this together.
I charge £20.00 per hour.


For additional information and a free quote, please contact Moira at or via this blog.