Sunday, 29 January 2012

September and October Holidays. Air Emirates Cabin Crew Rosters and Jollydays.

Fitting in Holidays is always fun, even when it looks like your job is just one long holiday. The problem is choosing what to do, when your Mum says you 'cant have it all'!!!! Well sometimes you can have it all. 
So in September 2011 a long flight  (Etihad) was taken from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, then Sydney to Christchurch. For 10 days in New Zealand for the  Rugby World Cup, and visiting the towns of Dunedin and Queenstown.
Back in Dubai there was the small matter of working to pay for the holidays so went to Houston and back.....took in a baseball match in Houston. Then another trip to LAX where far to much was spent Christmas shopping.

Emirates give you one Flight ‘Home’ a year. When you join the company you have to state the  airport on the Emirates route you want as your ‘Home’, this cannot be changes for the first 3 years. After that you can designate any airport on the Emirates Rotes as your ‘Home’.  You then  get one 'firm'ticket to this destination. This year she chose New York. This is because she attended a sailing competition in the Caribbean for 11 days in October. Flying to New York on the  firm ticket then on to The British Virgin Islands on the dreaded standby.

And to end the fun, a sisterly visit for Halloween in Dubai.