Sunday, 15 January 2012

June 2011 Air Emirates Cabin Crew Roster. Swapping till I get it right!

The Emirates Cabin Crew Roster for June 2011 starts out looking like one thing and ends up looking like some thing else.
Working for an Airline involves working odd shift patterns, or unsocial hours, strange hours, call them what you want, if you work for any public service that works 24 hours a day 365 days a year you will end up working nights, weekends and public holidays. So it is with Emirates, if you get a job with them you will work weekends, nights, Religious Days and so on. to help you plan your life most Airlines have a 'bidding' process. At Emirates this runs over a six monthly period and you start off at the bottom on standby. that's what is says it is,  you are on standby, so could get anything! Some standby is at the Airport, other bits of it appear on your Roster. Then you step up the 'Bidding' process, month by month,  until on month six you are top bid.
You can also swap via the Emirates Swapping System. this works out if swaps are' Legal' before it lets you swap. you can swap flights for days off and days off for flights.
2 June = Day Off.
3 June = Day Off.
4 June =
5 June =EK203 DXB at 02.15 to JFK at 07.55.
6 June= EK 204 JFK at 11.20 to DXB at 08.05, we do stay in a good hotel!
8/9/10 June = Days off,
12 June, A quick trip to Saudi and back.
13 June = EK372, DXD at 09.40 to Bangkok at 19.00( and one of my friends is on the Crew, fun, fun!).
14 June = EK 373, BKK at 21.20 to DXB at 00.30.
15/16/17/18/=Days Off, but not in Dubai as there is a wedding to go to in England.
19 June = EK342 to Kuala Lumpur swapped for an Amsterdam.
20 June= Amsterdam to Dubai.
21 June was Dubai to Jakarta, swapped for; 23 June Dubai to Manchester on EK 19 & 20.
26 June= Day Off.
27 June = EK 095 at 15.45 to Rome.

28 June = EK096 at 22.00 Rome to Dubai arriving at 06.20.
30 June = Day Off.
So very good really as long as you can swap it about, Flying time = 113.40 hours.