Saturday, 25 September 2010

Greek Island Hopping Adventure, Naxos.

We got the 08.45 Hellenic Seaways Flying Cat 3 to Naxos, this cost 21.00 Euros. It was a fast and efficient service that took 45 minutes. When we arrived in Myconos from Athens we has sailed into the New Port, this is away from the main part of Mykonos. When we went to Delos we left from the jetty in Mykonos Town and now as we departed to Naxos we went from the Old Port close to Mykonos Town. All very confusing for a small place. My only advise is to check departure point upon booking your ticket.
As you enter the port of Naxos you see the Landmark of the Portara of the Temple of Apollo. In Naxos we ran the gauntlet of the people greeting you with placards of the rooms to let, one was quoting 150 Euros for a small room! . We had decided to stay in the Hora (Naxos Town) in the old part of town. We then spent a very hot hour or so dragging bags up and down small streets looking for accommodation. The place really is a maze of streets and it was difficult to find anything due to the lack of good signage. At last we stumbled upon the Stoudious Bourgos, a small double room for 30 Euros. It looks OK but now, having had the door closed for a while, it smells very musty like the basement it is, and there is no kettle and just one chipped mug in the i will let you know my verdict tomorrow after tonight’s sleep on the rather small double bed. The Studios we are in are next to the walls of the Kastro. This afternoon we visited the Kastro with its Medieval fort entrance and streets, The Venetian House museum cost 12 Euros each to get in and whilst the house its self was interesting, the stuff in it was just a collection of old tat; a lot of which I have seen my Dad throw away over the years! The pillars in the Antico Veneziano Shop were great; they have been taken from an ancient temple years ago. After the Venietian house we did not bother to pay the 4 Euros to get into the Archaelogical Museum, as I read that most of the Cycladic figures are in the British Museum. The temple of Apollo is located on Palatia Islet reached by crossing the causeway. The site is intesting and it is easy to see how impressive the temple was by the size of the remaining door.
To end the day we drove into the centre of this lovely, large island. Admiring the fertile valleys where many crops were being grown, bees being tended to and normal life was going on, as opposed to the frantic touristic activity on Mykonos. It was also good to escape the wind as it was not windy on Naxos today.