Saturday, 25 September 2010

Greek Island Hopping Adventure, Paros.

We got an early Blue Star Ferry from Naxos to Paros, the Islands are only 5 miles apart and the crossing was over in 30 minutes.We were greeted by the usual crowd selling rooms. The port of Paros looked a bit uninspiring so we got the bus to the North of the Island to the town of Naoussa. In Naoussa we looked at the Paliomylos Hotel and Apartments, they were very nice, but had the usual wooden beds and after sleeping in a damp, crowded cellar in Naxos we wanted a bit more comfort than the beds looked like they could offer and craved a normal bed. Well we found just that at the new Saint Andrea Seaside Resort. The Resort is not located on a beach of any note, the beach near to the Hotel is small, rocky and coverd in seaweed. The Hotel and its rooms make up for the poor beach, they are very tastefully decorated and beds are the best we have slept on in Greece. The hotel was setting up for a wedding, it all looked very nice. The hotel is a bit away from the main town of Naoussa, so we walked down the road and rented a large Quad for two. This was to be our transport around the island. Our first outing on the Quad was the short drive from the hotel into the town of Naoussa, all of 5 minutes.
Naoussa was once a fishing village, since the mid 1980s its tourism industry has developed . Some web sites and guide books are very disparaging of the town calling it a “Tourist Trap’ and stating the town is ruined. I did not think this and found the quay to be very charming with fisherman mending the nets and squid drying in the sun. The Taverners are located around the harbour, and were very busy with a very big wedding and another large family party. The place was packed, it was a real party atmosphere. We ate at Silence of the fish, and the fish were silenced.