Saturday, 25 September 2010

Greek Island Hopping Adventure, Mykonos.

Today it was time to hit the Islands beaches. We left the town in the small rental car, and headed for a beach in the left hand corner of the island. It is called Kalafatis Beach. The island of Mykonos, like all the Cyclades, is known for the wind, the Meltemi. The Meltemi wind usually blows in July and August but this year it is late arriving and started to blow today. The name might sound romantic and oddly soothing. But the reality is that this is a dry wind blowing from the north, it can sweep across Greek waters, churning up the sea and blowing sand around. It is whistling under the door frames and throwing around chairs and tables with ease. We have chosen to go to Kalafatis beach as it is allegedly sheltered from the wind.

The Island is far smaller than I had realised and it only took 15 minutes to arrive at Kalafatis Beach. It costs 12 Euros to rent two sun beds, a table and an umbrella. You do not seem to be able to split this package. The Taverna on the beach rents the sun beds to you. This sets a pattern for the rest of our stay in the islands, whilst the package of Sun Beds, Table and umbrella is the same the prices vary from this one on Mykonos as the most expensive to the cheapest on Paros at 7 Euros.
The Taverna at Kalafatis beach; The Aneplora, served a superb lunch, and we watched a dive boat from the adjacent dive centre taking a party out to dive, the party included the dive centers dog who rides at the front of the boat, barking with enthusiasm as he goes.
Late in the afternoon we make our way back to Mykonos checking out the other beaches as we go. There is a small fishing village located between Kalafatis and Ayia Anna. Ayia Anna looks good complete with large windbreakers. We miss the turning for Kato Livahi and end up on Elia, this is busy and had a lot of naked old men sunbathing on it. We then stop at Super Paradise and Paradise, the second has a very large campsite, with good facilities and good connections to the local bus route. They are busy with the young crowd, complete with fast food, loud club music, and belly dancing on table tops Greek style...Paradise for some. Ornos beach the closest to Mykonos town, has a few hotels and pensions on it and looks very self contained. I am pleased with the beach we went to today, it suites our quiet style.
Having had a late and large lunch at the beach, we do go down into Mykonos town for supper. We go to The Opa Taverna and have the most wonderful Hummus ever, it was flavoured with cumin. Then fresh ‘line fish’ grilled on the BBQ. Again so fresh and delicious.
After dinner we looked at the art galleries, genuine art galleries with good pieces of original art in them. There were many inspiring pieces of sculpture. But the on the wall in Minima Gallery I see 'IT'. The painting I have been looking for to take pride of place on my living room wall. I don’t know what I have been looking for, but I know that when I see it I will recognise it as ‘The One’. Well I just found it in Mykonos. The painting is large; much to large for my sitting room wall. It is of yellowing corn, with red poppies blowing in the wind. I want it! I ask how much it is 10.000 Euros. I still want it, but it won’t fit on my wall. I ask who the artist is, I am informed that the gallery has scouts out across Europe, and the artist of this piece is a German. I am coming back tomorrow to look at it and find out the name of this artist.