Saturday, 25 September 2010

Greek Island Hopping Adventure, Naxos.

Naxos is know for it sandy beaches, and rightly so. Today we went to the beach located southwest of the main port. The beach at Agios Georgios is close to Naxos Town, but very busy and touristy. We drove further on to the long stretch of beach that starts at Agia Anna. Here it cost 7 Euros for the two sun beds, umbrellas and table, a big saving on Mykonos. We took a break for lunch as there were many Taveners’along the beach strip, our choice however was a mistake. The Paradise Taverna is located on the beach. This taverna looks as if it should serve good food, its location is fantastic. For lunch I ordered a mixed starter 8 Euro, Greek Salad 8 Euro and my partner ordered Tuna Salad 9 Euros. What we were served can only be described as slop. The only thing that could be eaten was the Greek Salad. The tuna Salad was per prepared ( not homemade), it was mashed up tuna with mayo, it was a sloppy mess. The mixed starter consisted of a white cream cheese, eggplant salad, squid in vinegar, bright pink stuff and more of the tuna. It was all tasteless and served with a white baggett in a broken bread holder. When it came time to pay the owners were not interested in us paying the bill, just microwaving their own horrid food for their consumption. So far this has been the worst meal we have had on this holiday, it was really horrid.
Back at the Stoudious Bourgos, we went up onto the roof terrace to watch the sunset and use the computer, it was the only place to get a signal.
Then at 20.00 we made our way back to the Garden at the Venitian House in the Kastro for a Bouzouki concert.The music, especially the Bouzouki was top class, the dancing was good, and the unlimited free wines and spirits of the Island proved to be a fantastic way to end the day. Concerts in the gardens are regular event through the summer and I highly recommend attending one if you can.