Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Vietnam. The Visas ??? For UK made easy!

Vietnam, The Visa?

I had booked a trip to Vietnam, I used the Company Explore as this was a cycling holiday. The tour was 14 nights. As a UK passport holder until 30 June 2017 and you are travelling for tourism or business can enter Vietnam for up to a maximum of 15 days without a visa.
I did not read this prior to booking my flights. I flew Manchester to Ho Chi Minh City on EK20 and EK 392. when looking for the flights, due to a school holiday the prices shot up; by over 50% on the Thursday 9th Feb 2017, so I booked the flights to leave on the 8th Feb 2017 - arriving on the 9th Feb 2017 and to depart on 24th Feb 2017. That's 16 days, so I had to get a Visa.
There were many misleading sights on line, with talk of letters and e- visas and some were very expensive. After a lot of research this is what I had to do;
go on the Vietnam embassy in London's web page.
The web page is confusing but you can get the Visa by post this is what you do;
I had to email them and ask what the fees are, they will email back with the details. At this time it was £60.00, plus postage of £6.00 but this can be combined. so for 2 visas it was £126.00.
Down load the application form on the web page http://vietnamembassy.org.uk/index.php?action=p&ct=Consular%20Services%20for%20UK%20residents
and to fill it in, you can scan a photo in and save the document in Word or PDF.
Pay the money to the Embassy at your bank. Get proof of payment.
Send a scan of your passport photo page with the application form and your proof of payment by email to the Embassy.
2 days later the loose leaf Visa arrived in the post. Easy !!!
Upon arrival, the passport control did ask for it and we also had to show it at each hotel, so I was glad I had got it.