Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Air Emirates Manchester to Ho Chi Minh City..... Or is it Saigon? EK 20 and EK 392.

Air Emirates Manchester to Ho Chi Minh City...... or  is it Saigon ? EK 20 and EK 392. Feb 2017.

I flew Emirates from Manchester to Ho Chi Minh City in February 2017.  The first flight was EK20 Manchester to Dubai.

EK 20  is a good choice if you want to do a days work then get the flight as it leaves at 20:30.
As I was using business class the pre arranged pickup took me from my house to the airport. Check in was fast and smooth and the Emirates business class lounge at Manchester was as it always is very good.
This was the first time I had flown on the two class A380, and I found the seating to be very crowded and tight. The flight was also full so it really seemed crowded.
We all boarded on time but there was a problem and take off was late, we started to taxi at 21:35 with the actual take off at 21:50, so I was concerned about our connection.
Food was offered very quickly and this was the menu;
Parsnip Soup

Smoked Duck

Roast Veal

I had the Duck, it was very nice.

then the main was;

Beef cobbler; Slow‑braised beef with a cheese scone, served with mashed potatoes
and buttered savoy cabbage

Chicken biryani; Chicken marinated in aromatic spices and slow cooked with rice,
garnished with fried cashew nuts, raisins and onions,
served with a refreshing raita

Seared sea trout with burned butter and capers;

Served with roasted artichoke, green beans and mashed potatoes with gherkin

I did not bother with a main,  and just had a dessert of  a cheese board, other puddings were

Mango and raspberry torte ;Vanilla mousse with raspberry centre, topped with mango crémeux,
served with raspberry compote

Chocolate fudge brownie; Topped with a salted caramel profiterole, served with caramel sauce.

Seasonal fruit; An assortment of fresh cut fruit.

Cheese board.
Cropwell Bishop Shropshire Blue: Semi‑soft blue with a distinct russet hue
Saint‑Paulin: Semi‑soft, buttery cow's milk cheese from Brittany
Caledonian extra mature cheddar: Hard Scottish cow's milk cheese

although it was tempting to join the crowds in the bar I went to sleep for the rest of the flight.
At 08:35 we landed in Dubai, but due to the late landing struggled to get a Gate, So it was late when we disembarked; about 08;55 and as the next flight was at 09:40 I was sure we would miss it. As we approached the security one of the ground staff was shouting for passengers connecting to the Saigon flight to go through a fast track and go quickly to the next gate as the flight was waiting. Good job we knew that Saigon and HCM City were the same!!!!

It was a long way from terminal A to terminal C but we did it, using the train from terminal A to B and our legs to the very furthest gate in terminal C. I was praying that the bags had made it, we boarded EK 392, a 777  bound for Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon take your pick. 
Once we were on, there were about 12 passengers from Manchester the aircraft started to taxi at 09:52 and took off at 10:07.
Even though this flight was shorter than the one from Manchester there were two services and we were offered lunch, I thought it would be breakfast?
Mushroom soup;
Creamy soup served with chives
Traditional Arabic mezze
Spinach bil zeit, labneh, houmous and stuffed vine leaves
Grilled chicken with sundried tomato tapenade
On mushroom salad with peppers and fennel
As usual I had the Mezze!!
This is from another flight and another airline!! but you get the meaning

The Main;
Roasted beef tenderloin;
With green pepper sauce, steamed French beans and potato cakes with truffle

Wok‑fried chilli prawns;
Served with steamed jasmine rice and glazed vegetables

Chicken biryani;
Chicken marinated in aromatic spices and slow cooked with rice, garnished with
fried cashew nuts, raisins and onions. (Again!!)

I had the Beef. Then again I didn't have pudding, but if you wanted it there was;
Chocolate truffle cake;
With cherry compote

Passion fruit tart;
Served with redcurrants

Seasonal fruit

Cheese board

As I have said there were two services on this flight, and no sooner had Lunch finished than Light Bites were served.
these snacks were sandwiches, pies, some Asian hot nibbles and a Hong Kong sweet Tart.
there were also Noodles available for request and the bulkhead had crisps and apples to help your self...so you would not starve!!

Even though we had taken off late the flight arrived into Saigon early and we were off the aircraft by 19: 45.
overall this was a good flight and I preferred the two class 777 over the two class A380.