Friday, 19 March 2010

Egypt.Luxor. 4 Night Nile Cruise. Day Four. March 2010.

The previous night our resident Tour Guide, Mohammed, had asked our small group if we wanted to get up at 04.30 and take a bus to the West Bank, or get up at 05.30 and get a boat across the river to meet the mini bus? Why was he asking us this question? Because the affirmative answer to the 05.30 crossing incurred a surcharge of 10 Egyptian £s. The majority vote won and at 06.00 we assembled in the lobby for a full day of sight seeing.
The small craft that transported us to the West Bank was decorated in a strange eclectic style. As soon as Sarah and Natalie saw this doll, they both whispered ‘Chucky’ to each other, and started giggling.
I concentrated on taking photos of the Nile Cruisers docked together, this shot explains why sometimes you can't see out of your cabin! (its a bit dark!). And the early morning balloon fights drifting over the Valley of the Kings.By crossing the river by boat it was only a very short drive to The Valley of the Kings. You are not allowed to take any type of camera into the Valley, this is to try to protect the Tombs from flashlight.

Our ticket entitle us to go into 3 tombs, we went into tomb number 34, this is the Tomb of Tuthmosis III. Ramesses IX and paid an extra fee to go into the tomb of Ramesses VI. It was worth the extra 50 E£ just to study the paintings of Nut on the ceiling.
We also visited the Valley of the Queens, again no cameras. So no photos of Tombs I am afraid...Ow well, you will just have to visit yourselves and see the wonders of the Pharoes!
Our next stop was the Tomb of Queen Hatshepsut. then the Colossi of Memnon.
We then had a visit to an ‘Alabaster Factory’, our one and only shopping stop on this tour, I was very grateful for that, as I can't stand being rushed at the sights and monuments in order to spend ages at the carpet shop, gold shop or a soap shop that I have no intrest in.
We had a short rest back on the Royal Lotus for lunch, then it was time to set of to the Temple of Karnak. The Temple complex of Karnak never fails to impress and Sarah just wandered round repeating to much used phrase ‘Awesome’, it is just that.

As is Luxor Temple itself, Awesome, just Awesome.
So, how many visits to the Ancient Sights of Egypt should you do in a life time? If you have the answer please comment?