Friday, 26 March 2010

Egypt. Sharm El Sheikh. March 2010.

Breakfast was available from 05.00 today, unfortunately I find this far to early to eat any thing.
The tour rep from the elusive Marhaba Tours had left a message on the answer phone the previous day, asking us to meet him in the lobby at 05.30. His name was Mohammed, and he was waiting for us as planned. It is a very short journey from the 'Port' of Luxor, to Luxor Airport, it was 15 minutes at the most.
At the Airport Mohammed was really helpful, he got us through the security, took us to International Departures to check in for our Domestic flight....I wouldn't have done that!
He even escorted us to the Departure lounge.
We flew from Luxour to Sharm El Sheikh on an Egypt Air Embracer 170, it looked like it took about 80 passengers. The flight took 45 minutes, the plane looked new and was very clean. The cabin crew were the most miserable people I have ever encountered on an aeroplane. They did not do a lot,  as there was no safety demo, No checking of seat belts, seats upright ect, Actually, I don't know why the Cabin Crew were on board as they did nothing.
The best bit of the flight was that the door to the cockpit was open, so it was possible to see the Flight Deck and what they were up to......its been years since I saw that!
Sharm airport was easy, the baggage came off the plane very quickly and in no time we were on our way to the hotel. The Renaissance Sharm El Sheikh.
Now, if you have not been to Sharm before, don't go expecting long sandy beaches, if you do expect that, you will be disappointed.
Most of the hotels are built into the rocky shore line, and most of them have lots of steps. Our hotel had at least 184 steps, we counted them on the walk from our room to breakfast every day!
There is very little direct beach access to the sea, most of the resorts have jetty's like this. This is to protect the thing I go to Sharm for, The Coral. The jetty's provide walkways over the Coral, you can then go into the sea at the end of the walkway. Swimming in the Red Sea is like swimming in an extra large fish tank. It is spectacular. We saw lots of fish from large parrot fish to the smallest 'Nemo's', I was very exited to see a large blue Puffer Fish.
Sarah had a couple of dives with this Dive Master. Sharm is a really good place to learn to dive.

The sea was warm and we did not need our wet suites for snorkeling, and on the second day the land temperature was up to 30 degrees, and this was the second week of March.

The Hotel was very nice, and it was great to relax after our busy days on the Nile.
Far to soon it was time to pack away our diving gear and Fly to London Heathrow via Cairo, (with out the dramas this time!).
So now I am home, and thinking of my next holiday! But, it wont be till the end of the year, so apart from Air Emirates rotas and Galley Gossip, this blog may be a little quiet for a while.