Wednesday, 10 June 2009

May Crew Roster. New York.

Nine months ago, the average roster for Air Emirates Cabin Crew personnel was about 40 to 50 flying hours a month. Well that's what my girl was doing.
In August 2008, with the spiralling global oil price, Emirates froze all recruitment of non operational staff. Then, in February 2009 with the world global finances in free fall. It seems that (I don’t think it was officially announced) EK froze all recruitment and in house promotion (up grades to Buisness class ect). The company has taken a very pro active approach to falling passenger demand due to the global economic downturn, and will hopefully survive to see things improve. Further to the above developments, in April 2009 Emirates has also offered unpaid leave for periods of one to six months to cabin crew. The hope was that up to 700 from among its cabin crew work force of 12,000 would volunteer to take leave beginning in May of 2009. Many have done this, and for the cabin crew that remain, there hours have gone up. That is better for flying pay, but tiring for the staff involved.
This month should have been a standby month, but much to her surprise she got a roster! In a very fast turnaround, as soon as she got back from LAX she was off to JFK.
Being a mother I advised her not to do to much during her 24 hour layover, as I knew she would be tired and jet lagged. Did she take my advise? NO!!! She did it all, and like me loved New York.
It is a funny place New York, even though you have not been to it before it is all very familiar, you know the streets from all the films they have featured in, it is such a big city, yet seems small.

She had a Kuala Lumpur was swapped for a Manchester ! She has been to KL before, and needed to shop in Manchester. The shops in Dubai are very expensive, so it is a good idea to shop when you are out of DXB, even for food. Pork is normally taken back, but not this time due to the Swine Flu epidemic.
The month was finished with a second visit to Shanghai, where i am told shopping is the order of the day.