Tuesday, 9 June 2009

April Layovers in Moscow, Milan, LA and Nairobi.

April 2009.
Compared with the NHS rota system, the one used by Air Emirates is very fair. It gives all cabin crew the chance to be 'top bid', this happens about ever six months. In the NHS each month is just a 'free for all,!! April was Top Bid, and didn't she do well!
Her rota comes out on the 25th of each month, she can than swap things if she chooses to. Some crew swap to get the rota they want to work, Trolly seems just to work what she is given!?
She had got her bids in by the 15th March, and she bid for days off and the USA.
On the first of the month she flew from Dubai to Moscow. None of our family have ever visited Russia before so this was very exiting! It was still cold, it ranges between 1 to 10 oC at this time of year.......so she HAD to get another hat! The hat does look good...So does Moscow, I feel a trip coming on.
Because Air Emirates fly from Dubai the following destinations are turnarounds, Beirut, Bombay, Kuwait. She had a few of thease till the 13th of April, when she had her second visit to Italy. A layover in Milan.
then it was the big one! A 3 day layover in LA. Setting off from Dubai it was a long day as she travelled East to West.
She certainly got about in the short time she was in the movie capitol of the World. Seeing most of Downtown LA. Attending a filming of a chat show where Simon Cowell was being interviewed, and even saw 'Wolverine' AKA Hugh Jackmans hand print ceremony.
Africa was her next continent, Nairobi in Kenya. Her she paid (and paid a lot !) a visit to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This is an orphanage for Elephants and Rhinos.

All in all a month to remember, and she gets paid to do this?! x