Sunday, 24 May 2009

Bangkok to Phuket.

We hired a Taxi to take us from Kanchanaburi to the new BKK airport. It took just under 2 hours.
We were checking in on an internal 'smooth as silk' flight to Phuket. I could have got this flight a lot cheaper had we flown with Air Asia, One-Two-G0 or Air Bangkok. I was unshur about the safety of One-Two-Go
And could not really understand what airport the others flew from, the old or new BKK airport? It was very hard to find this information out in the UK. This was more of an issue for the return flight, but I paid the ££££ and flew with Thai! It was at this point that Trolly left us and headed back to Dubai, she had a 36 hour wait at the airport to get on a plane. She had her Emirates standby ticket, and a standby ticket for Cathay Pacific, but all flights were full and she did not get on. Some crew at the airport had been waiting three days! In the end she got on a flight to Muscat, then on to Dubai. The joy of Cabin Crew Travel? We had a good flight to Phuket, the plane was packed.

I had pre booked this hotel and taxi to take us to the hotel on 'late'. I wanted a hotel on a hill as I was scared of another Tsunami. I had read many reports and complaints on Trip Advisor that the Peach Hill Hotel in Kata Beach was on a hill, this was the one for me.
Our taxi was waiting for us at Phuket airport, and it was a 1 1/2 hour drive through rush hour traffic to Kata Beach, and to my joy the hotel was at the top of a steep hill. The taxi struggled to go to the top.
After check in, we followed the porter to our rooms. Down the other side of the hill the taxi had come up. To a very new wing, so new it was still being built. The new '@Peach' was built on land the Tsunami had cleared at the bottom of the hill, as it ripped through the resort.
At least I was on the fouth floor!
The 'White Wing', AKA @Peach.

The old hotel.
Very nice rooms.

The pool at the top of the hill.