Sunday, 8 January 2017

Supreme Sharks, White Shark Cage Diving, Gansbaai, Cape Town. South Africa. 2015

There was one activity I wanted to do during my visit to Cape Town. The diving with Sharks. We booked it with a company called Supreme Sharks.
The town you are taken to is called Gansbaai, at one time this towns only income was from fishing. It is a small Africanns  community about 2 hours drive from Cape Town. The mini bus picked up at 05.30 in the morning, we were the first pick up and after a few more stops the mini bus was full. we arrived in Gansbaai in time for breakfast. had a safety briefing then got issued with wet suites, mask, snorkel and fins. then it was out to the boat.
Supreme Sharks, Gansbaai, Cape Town.

 On the boat, the crew attracted the Sharks by putting 'Chum' into the water, then, with wet suites on  you took it in turns to go into the cage.

In the Shark Cage
 The water was ....Freezing....I did not go in! But the rest of my family did, but the visibility was poor. from the deck I had a great view of the Sharks.

This was an amazing day out, and although it is expensive it is really something I recommend you do. to see these wonderful and endangered  creatures in the wild is something I will never forget.