Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Crete Self Catering October 2014.

The British summer in 2014 was dismal, well it was in Manchester anyway.
So in early October it was time for a week in the sun. the criteria was:
not expensive and not far, a maximum of 4 hours flying as it was just a week. Sharm was not allowed and we both like Greece, so decided on Crete.
I have never used Ryan Air but I had heard lots of horror stories about Ryan Air and so on booking read the small print carefully. I had paid for a bag, so there was no problem checking the bag in, check in was fast and efficient.
The flight I had found was a very cheap flight going early in the morning from Leeds Bradford Airport.
This was my first experience of Leeds Bradford, I found the airport very small and seemed to walk a lot. It seemed to be a very confusing airport, the public areas were quite cramped, with only seats if you were eating or at the bar. Getting to the aircraft was a convoluted process, with long queues, then up stairs along corridors down stairs, along outdoor corridors eventually ending up at the aircraft. To board it was up the passenger boarding stairs. The crew were really good, moving people into the seats, stopping them fiddling about with the hat boxes and generally loading the aircraft at speed, as it was raining passengers on the stairs appreciated this.

The flight left on time. The seats were OK. The crew were good, selling hot drinks and food all the way. It was a quick flight, under 4 hours and we landed in Chania airport Crete.
I had hired a car using up left over BA miles, so we picked that up from the airport and drove to the small villa we had rented on line. The villa was perfect. located close to the airport, on the round Akrotir peninsula the complex was called Cretanvillas https://www.cretanvillas.co.uk  the set up was great. Four villas, really well equipped, located in gardens around a pool. Clean with everything we needed for a week in the sun.

We got out and explored the island going to the beaches of Kasteli and going to Iraklion. but most of all we liked Chania and the beaches on the Peninsula.  Especially the famous Zorbas Beach. as always in Greece the food was good and it was a chilled out week.