Thursday, 22 May 2014

Dubai to Manchester with EK 17.

I checked in at Staff Travel Dubai early in the morning, to get flight EK 17 bound for Manchester due to depart at 07.25. It was an A380 and there were a few Economy seats spare so I got on with out any problem.
Again the new menu has the FIFA world cup logo on it.  
Two services were done on this flight the first was Breakfast;
Continental Breakfast;
Breakfast Deli Platter, sliced pastrami, chicken breast, gouda cheese, potato salad.
Tea and Coffee.
Then no sooner had you had that when we were served Lunch;
Appetiser; Sweet corn and Vegetable Salad.
Main ; Roasted Chicken with onion sauce, mash, peas and carrots. OR
            Fish Biryani.
Dessert; Banana Hazelnut Cake. with fresh cream and passion fruit.
Tea and Coffee and a Chocolate.
I ate all the food I was given and watched the end on Mad Men Series 6 and Saving Mr Banks on ICE and with that we were landing into Manchester. How times fly's when your having fun.