Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Phuket to Manchester via Dubai Emirates Business Class 2014 report.

The beaches of Phuket
If you go away, it is a sad fact that you have to go home. Having spent 16 idyllic days in and around the Island of Phuket, it was time to return to Manchester. As I was traveling Emirates Business Class the one thing that was not a problem was the flight.
The flight from Phuket is a night flight, EK379 was due to leave Phuket at 00.30. Check in at Phuket airport was very easy and a lady in a yellow suite escorted us through customs and security at breakneck speed to the Phuket Airport Coral Lounge.
This lounge was very small area cordoned off from the main waiting area with semi permanent walls, it was very full and felt crowded. There was a very small selection of food, soft drinks, coffee and beer. There was not any tea. It was actually better out in the main airport lounge area where they were good shops, plenty of seating and a variety of food outlets.
Phuket Airport 2014

Phuket Airport 2014

Phuket Airport 2014

Phuket Airport 2014
 The aircraft scheduled for this route was an A340 so I was not expecting very much in the way of comfort as many of these aircraft have not been upgraded. I was therefor presently surprised when we boarded to fine we were on a 777-300, with the same seating as on the journey to Phuket. http://moira-moirasdailyblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/emirates-a380-v-777-buisness-class.html
All the passengers boarded promptly and the Air Hostess was just about to hand us our champagne when the Captain announce that the flight was ready to depart and started to taxi along to the take off position; this was an early departure as it was only 00.10. Soon after take off we were given more Champagne.
As it was a night flight I did not know what to expect as regards the meal service. It seems that 'Light Bites' of Hot and Cold Snacks would be served promptly after take off, then breakfast as we approached Dubai.
We were given Amenity packs with hand cream, face cream, toothbrush and toothpaste in them.
soon after take off I made my seat into a bed, I was given a memory foam type seat cover to use and I went off to sleep so did not eat but if I had wanted food this was the Menu.

Cold Snacks;
Selection of open Sandwiches.

Hot Snacks;
Seafood Pie.
Penne with tomato sauce.
Singaporean fried rice with chicken satay.

A selection of sweets.

Tea, Coffee, Chocolates and instant Cup Noodles available at ant time.


Fruit Juices

Breakfast Fruits.


Main Course;

Gruyere cheese omelette.

Creamy scrambled eggs.

Shrimp Pad Thai.

Delicatessen's cold meats and cheese.

Bread Basket.

Hot Beverages.

The flight to Dubai was very fast, it was just 6 hours, that combined with he early take off got us into Dubai for 03.20 not the scheduled 03.55.

To pass the time we made use of the Business Class Lounge in what is now called the B terminal. This Lounge a vast area as it has to accommodate all the Business Class passengers who pass through Dubai Airport. Luckily at this time in the morning it was quiet and I found an area to get a bit of sleep.
EK 17 Manchester to Dubai was due to leave at 07.25, as you can see from the photo this was an Airbus 380.

The crew on this flight were fantastic, so friendly and welcoming they truly looked after us. As we did not have to drive when we got to Manchester we made good use of the bar! and enjoyed an exceptional lunch that made you forget you were at 35.000 feet.
Breakfast and Lunch were served on this 7 hour flight! I don't know if you need two services on a short flight like this, but if you do this was the choice;
Breakfast Bread Basket.
Hot Beverages.
Arabic Mezze.
Yellow fin Tuna.
Potato and Leek Soup.
Main Course;
Grilled Beef Fillet.
Chicken Korma.
Seafood Machbous.
Bread Basket;
Ipanema mousse.
Cranberry Cheesecake.
Cheese Board.
Tea, Coffee, and Chocolates.