Sunday, 19 May 2013

Air Emirates Cabin Crew Roster, Dec 2012 to March 2013........Off Sick.

The December 2012 rota looked good, but it was not to be. A day out at the new Wadi Adventure water park in Al Ain saw to that! . There was a small accident on the man made white water rafting course, a black eye was acquired...not a good look and a hand sprained. However one week later the black eye had gone but the hand remained swollen and very sore. X-rays were taken,  revelling a badly broken finger.

The finger required specialist surgery, thankfully the hospital had a really good 'finger specialist' and she operated on it. It needed lots of metal plates and was an intense operation.

I wonder now if the airport security scanners will bleep each time they are used! time will tell.
When you work for Emirates Airline being 'off sick' is quite complicated and time consuming. There are weekly visits to the Emirates Occupational health team at the EK clinic.  But the main issue with long term sick, is the pay!

Your salary during sickness is calculated from January – December :

·         15 days of sickness = full basic + utilities (no fly pay)

·         30 days of sickness = half basic salary + utilities (no fly pay)

Any sickness further to the 45 days = nil salary

Then there is the issue of Travel:

Travelling whilst on sickness is not permitted unless authorised by Attendance management specialist after liaison with your Cabin Crew Manager and Vice President of Medical Services or a designated doctor at the Emirates Clinic. The good news is that any booked leave that overlaps with the time you are off sick will remain. ''
and worse is the fact that :
''You will be required to undergo your SEP training / refresher should your sickness exceed 90 days''.
So there was a very real prospect of being ill over the festive period, unable to come home, no money and if it doesn't heal fast SEP to do ....again!
The operation was complicated and the healing process slow, with a lot of Physio Appointments and it was early March 2013 before she was declared 'fit to fly' again.