Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Due to A380 Wing Cracks you may end up on a 777.

In response to The European Aviation Safety Agencies directive, requiring inspections for all 68 of the Airbus A380 aircraft  currently in service. Emirates are having to swap its A380 super jumbos for other aircraft as it checks for wing cracks. The first wing cracks were discovered in a Qantas A380 that experienced engine problems flying over Indonesia in 2010. But the EASA said last month that cracking had been discovered in other planes. The problem relates to brackets that link the A380's wing ribs to the wing's skin.

Emirates is Airbuses largest global customer of the 525-seater A380 jet, with 20 of the aircraft in its fleet. The airline said it was fully complying with the new rules and flights were still operating as scheduled. It would replace its A380 planes with other aircraft types as they were inspected. The airline uses its A380s to connect Dubai with London, Sydney, New York, Bangkok and other big cities, including Johannesburg.
"To date, we have inspected four aircraft," said a spokesman in response to the directive. "The directive poses no impact on Emirates operations. The aircraft remain fully airworthy and pose no risk to flight safety as affirmed by EASA and Airbus. The safety of our passengers and crew is our highest priority."
This is disappointing if you are planning a First Class Flight and are expecting to use the shower, or the Bar in business class, otherwise you should not notice any difference.
My advice, check on the Emirates web page to see what aircraft is to be used on your route.