Saturday, 22 October 2011

New Zealand 2011. September 14th. Queenstown, The Remarkables.

On waking this morning, the sun was shining and the view from the bed room window was, well just as in this photo, spectacular.
To capitalise on the fabulous day we decided to go skiing. We drove into Queenstown and rented Skis, Ski Boots and salopettes from QTS Rentals, 1 Shotover Street, it was only $24.00. We then drove out towards the airport, through the town of Franktown to the road to the Remarkables. There was a bus stop and we waited for the bus, after a while it was evident that we had missed the bus, so decided to drive the campervan up the hill, it was a nice hot day and there was not any snow on the ground and if big buses get up there how hard can it be????  We climbed higher and higher and saw road signs advising us to put snow chains on. Almost at the top a man, who was hiring snow chains,  pulled us into a bay and advised us to put the chains on. Britz had charged over $34.00 for the chains, but, had failed to put them in the campervan. We also noted that the front tyres were bald, they had no tread on them whatsoever! I don’t know how we had got up as far as we had on the slippery mud road with those tyres. Having stopped, the van would climb no more, we were unable to get traction. So we did not make it to the ski slopes today! We took the ski gear back to the shop, but the owner told up to keep the equipment free of charge and try again tomorrow, very kind of him. The best value Ski Hire in Queenstown.
going up......

almost at the top...the camper van has done well!
To console our selves we went to Ferg Berger and consumed two massive burgers and a pie. Its been a bit of an odd day really!