Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Flight EK18 Manchester to Dubai. A peep at First Class.

The Flight. Wednesday September the 7th.
The A380, emirates Flagship. I reviewed the economy experience in this link http://moira-moirasdailyblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/emirates-a380-economy-class.html so you can check that out.
Toady's flight was not full, there were no passengers in the First Class. So I asked the crew if I could have a peep at the First Class Suites. I was very lucky as First Class was empty, and I was allowed a quick tour.
There are 12 Suites in the A380 First Class. Each with an Electronically adjustable seat that can lay flat. Emirates ICE entertainment system is fantastic in all classes, but in First Class, with its large screen, it’s like watching TV at home. The suites have sliding doors that can be closed to ensure privacy for
those that want it.
But, I really wanted to see the Showers! What I had not realised was that the First Class also has its own small bar area on the A380, next to the two showers.

The Bathroom was very much like a caravan / boat type with its precast shower, but the bathroom has, and you could feel it.....under floor heating! How amazing not just a shower at 30,000 ft, but warm feet as well. Ow well! enough of the fantasy. For me, it’s a quick reality check, back to my seat down the stairs and my flight EK18 to Dubai. Departing late (as usual?) at 15:15, we arrived into Dubai around about 01:20. I was glad I had rescheduled this leg of the journey as we did not have to dash to get the connecting flight, but needed to find our way to the Dubai International Hotel, located within the airport.
I got a shock and felt sick as we entered Dubai Airport, a man was holding up a placard with my name on it! What had happened? As it turned out, thank goodness, nothing....it was a porter from the Dubai International Airport Hotel who had come to take us to our room.
This hotel is rather overpriced, it was 89 pounds on Agoda, but if you want a very clean hotel room with a very comfortable bed for the night in the Airport at Dubai, then this is the place to stay, It is located in the Terminal, above the lounges and shops, look up and you will see the curtained windows! It does have a pool, but I don’t know if this really gets used. The rooms have a double bed and a couch type thing that I think an adult could sleep on. All toiletries are provided, as are dressing gowns and slippers. Bottle water and tea making facilities are also in the room. All in all, it’s very clean, very comfortable & quiet and does what an airport hotel should do............ lets you get some sleep.