Monday, 8 August 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011. New Zealand.

If you’re visiting or travelling around New Zealand from the 9th September to the 23rd of October 2011 you might notice that there is a Rugby Festive taking place?
This will be the seventh IRB Rugby World Cup. The tournament has been held every 4th year since the competition was inaugurated in 1987. New Zealand and Australia hosted the 1987 competition with sixteen nations taking part, but with one rather large omission, The Springboks could not participate due to the international Sports Boycott that was in place. The All Blacks won the 1987 competition, becoming the first ever champions. The 1991 tournament was won by Australia, but it was not until 1995, when South Africa participated in the completion for the first time by both hosting the tournament and winning it, that the competition could really be considered a true reflection of World Rugby Excellence. The 1995 competition was the first one in which South Africa participated.
The fun will kick-off at Eden Park on the 9 September, when New Zealand play Tonga. Over the course of six weeks, 20 teams will play 48 matches in 12 stadiums in 11 towns and cities from one end of the country to the other. New Zealand has been preparing for this competition for a long time and visitor numbers are expected to be around 70,000. So far New Zealand have done an excellent job, I have received Fan Guides and regular information about what’s going on and now as the date gets nearer.....Things are starting to get very exiting! The match tickets have arrived and it all seem just a little more real.

It is not going to just be about rugby. As a number of festivities are planned to coincide with the Rugby World Cup. The Real New Zealand Festival is promising a countrywide programme of events taking place alongside the tournament. I received a leaflet today that gives just a taste of what will be on offer: for example The West Coast Whitebait ChallengeThe World of Wearable Art. A Celtic festive in Dunedin and one I am looking forward to a Naked Rugby Match venue TBA!  
Emirates are one of the Rugby World Cup 2011 Worldwide Partners and she got a badge today to put on her uniform, so if you are flying with them look out for the badges. 
I will be following England so will be starting off in Dunedin, and according to the information received today’ the landscapes and scenery of the South Islands East Coast are captivating. England fans will be reminded of home and find hidden food, fashion and music in ‘Celebrate Dunedin’'. It all sounds rather Scottish as opposed to English, but it will be great and I am getting ready for it.....but will someone please tell me what happens if the All Blacks don’t win?