Sunday, 31 July 2011

Air Emirates, Crew Roster April 2011.

2011 is passing at such a rate, I can not believe that it is April already.
 The DXB-SIN-BNE-SIN-DXB trip had started on the 30th March and ran into April, finishing on the 4th April 2011. It was a long trip and flying every day, so the Days Off on 4th/5th/6th of April were needed.
Then it was off to Australia again, this time leaving on the 7th April at 08:50 on EK 418, Dubai to Bangkok, landing at 19:50.
8 April at 19:50 Bangkok to Sydney, landing at 08:45 the next day.
10 April, EK418/419, a turnaround to Christchurch. Leaving Sydney at 09:45, getting to Christchurch at 14:20, then back to Sydney at 15:55 arriving at 18:15.
12 April at 19:15 Sydney to Bangkok arriving at 01:40. then the final leg, leave Bangkok at 02:40 on 14 April arriving into Dubai at 06:15. This is a 9 day trip and with the time changes you fly almost every day. It is very tiring. However, lucky with her timings, and was in Bangkok for the
Songkran Festival. This is a national celebration of the traditional Thai New Year. Songkran marks the beginning of a new solar year and the summer season in Thailand. Traditionally, families and friends celebrate Songkran by visiting temples and splashing water on each other to wish each other good luck. Over the years, it’s evolved into a nationwide water fight and an excuse to travel and party. Most employers let their staff take time off over Songkran, so its almost a Public Holiday. During this time Bangkok becomes almost traffic free. With one of the biggest Bangkok Songkran parties happening in the Khao San Road. hopefully it will be a lucky 2011?

I don't know who is planning the rota in the office, but I dont think this rota is  lucky, or healthy, to only have 2 days off the do a DXB- MCT-DXB, then a DXB-BEY-DXB! Anyway, not likeing the look of that and swapped them to a DXB-MAN-DXB on the 18 and 19 April. Come home to sleep...........and sleep is needed this month as the next flight, on Good Friday was a Dubai-Munich - Dubai and because it was Easter the hotel left
Hot Cross buns and Easter Eggs! How nice.
Finally, to finish off a very busy month on the 28 April, it was a Dubai to LAX on EK 217. No jaunts to Las Vegas this time. The crew hired a car and took a trip out to Six Flags Magic Mountain north of Los Angeles.

for a day of Roller coaster action. EK 218 on 30 April was a long duty block of 17 Hours and 10 mins back to Dubai.
All in all April was a busy month, total flight time of 105:14 hours and total duty time of 129:20 hours. That's a lot when you are changing time zones, so if your Emirates Cabin Crew look a little weary when asking you if you would like Chicken or Fish? ask them how many flights have they flown in the last few weeks and to where!