Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Air Emirates Crew Roster for January 2011. & SEP 2011.

Air Emirates Crew Roster for January 2011.
01 January = Day Off.
02/01/2011 = Dubai - Khartoum- Dubai.
04/01/2011= Dubai - Perth
06/01/2011= Perth - Dubai
7 & 8 /01/2011 = Day Off.
09/01/2011 = Dubai - Karachi- Dubai.
10/01/2011 = Dubai - Khartoum- Dubai.
11/01/2011= Day Off.
12/01/2011 = Dubai- Cape Town
13/01/2011 = Cape Town - Dubai
15/01/2011 = Day Off
16/01/2011= Dubai- Durban
17/01/2011= Durban- Dubai
18/19/20 = day Off
21/01/2011= Dubai - Glasgow
22/01/2011= Glasgow - Dubai, land at 00.55, go home and re-pack and get on EK17 at 07.55 to Manchester for a 21st Birthday Party.
23/01/2011 to 31/01/2011= Days Off, used seeing family and studying for the dreaded SEP Recurrent on 31/01/2011.
EK 18 was very full on 30th Jan 2011, and not wanting to risk the joys of 'Staff Travel', ie; not getting on the flight or being 'bummped' off the flight. A full priced ticket was purchased via OPODO.
Check in went smoothly at 12.00, but then it was announced that the flight would be late arriving. It arrived after 15.00., 15.03 to be exact. I think this link explains why  http://www.flickr.com/photos/thomasbecker/5405076265/
Not only was flight EK18 late in taking off but rows of seats were blocked off with yellow tape, I think about 10 rows. I was VERY lucky to have a seat at all. We left Manchester at 17.45, so arrived very late in Dubai. Just had time to get home, showered, Groomed myself to EK standards and then went back to HQ to sit the exam. All the hard work studying paid off as I passed and am legal to fly for my 4th Year with Emirates.
PS, Many thanks to St Jude.