Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Air Emirates Crew Roster December 2010.

There appears to be a bit of a gap in the recording of Emirates Rosters on this blog, the last one ‘blogged’ is April 2010, a year ago. Where does the time go?There was a gap in communications from Dubai for a while due to Computer Crashes and some personal issues that were resolved in September / October 2010, by a fun filled holiday in the BVI, sailing.
Beach in the BVI October 2010.
 Crew Roster for December 2010.

1 December 2010; Dubai (DXB) - LAX

3 December 2010; LAX – DXB.

Hiring Bikes in LA
4/5/6/ =Day Off.

7 December 2010; DXB- CAN ( Guangzhou, China)

8 December 2010; CAN- DXB.


11 December; DXB-CCU-DXB

13 December 2010; DXB-BOM-DXB.

14= DO

15 December DXB- KHI-DXB.

16 December DXB- Manchester- DXB 17 December.

18 = DO

19/20/21 = DO for Visa Change. (New USA Visa).

22 December; DXB-KWI-DXB

23 December; DXB-BEY-DXB

24/25/26/27 December 2010, Days Off!!!!!!!!! This is the third Christmas in Dubai, but not spent in Dubai as I got EK17 to Manchester and was home for the Christmas Holiday.

28 December 2010-31 December 2010, Dubai – Tripoli- Dubai.

31 December 2010, Can Use.

Good bye to 2010.x