Thursday, 10 March 2011

Emirates to Fly 3 Flights A Day to Manchester.

Last week Emirates Airline announced that it was boosting its route to Manchester, with the introduction of a third daily non-stop flight. The new service, which starts on May 1, will increase Emirates' capacity by 25 percent.
The new service will be operated by an Airbus A330-200 aircraft offering 12 First Class seats, 42 Business Class seats and 183 Economy Class seats. So now you have the choice of ;
EK 21 Dep DXB 0300 Arr MAN 0755, Airbus A330-200.

EK 22 Dep MAN 0940 Arr DXB 2000, Airbus A330-200.

EK 17 Dep DXB 07.55 Arr MAN 11.45, Airbus A380.

EK 18 Dep MAN 13.30 Arr DXB 00.25, Airbus A380.

EK19 Dep DXB 14.35 Arr MAN 18.25, B 777-300ER.

EK20 Dep MAN 20.10 Arr DXB 07.05, B 777-300ER.

Wow! there is a rumour that the original plan was to start the third service later in the year using the Boeing 777, but the flight is starting earlier due to QR and EY expansion (both going double daily; 1st June and 1st Aug respectively.)
Officially Andrew Harrison, managing director of Manchester Airport states that"Since bringing the A380 to Manchester last September the route to Dubai has been one of Emirates' strongest performers and we saw a full compliment of 517 in November so we know the traffic is there and the third daily service underlines the strength of this route and the importance of the Middle East to our longer term ambitions as an airport".

So, well done to the management at Manchester for looking for new routes for the folk up North, British Airways pulled out it long haul direct from Manchester a while ago. They did not think the routes were 'viable'??               I suppose they expected us all to trail to London to get on our long haul flights? Well I won’t, and it look like lots of other passengers feel the same way. BA really should change its name to ‘London Airways’!

As it is, I am happy as it means I will get to see my daughter more often, and also stand more chance of getting on a standby flight, and that is what I am about to do now. Going to Manchester to try to get to Singapore...wish me luck! I will be blogging live from the Far East, flights willing.