Thursday, 19 August 2010

Kilimanjaro. Tanzania. June 2010.

To try to increase the chance of you making it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro many companies stop at Homombo to assist in the acclimatisation to the altitude. So today was our ‘Acclimatisation day’ and as such we were given a ‘lie in’, well we were told that we did not have to get up till 07.00! So following the ‘late’ breakfast we were to walk to Zebra Rocks.
Sarah was not feeling well, her altitude sickness started during the night when she started to feel very nauseated. Having eaten breakfast, she vomited it back up, and had a very bad headache. It could be Altitude Sickness, but may be sun stroke as the suns rays are so strong up here. My arms got very burnt yesterday despite sun cream, so I choose to wear a long sleeved top today.
The walk to Zebra rocks was slow but interesting. We are all starting to feel very breathless, so slow is OK. Sarah looks weak, but is trudging on.
Back at the main camp for lunch, Sarah had painkillers for the headaches and then we all chilled out with an afternoon nap. The nap seems to have worked for Sarah, she woke up feeling a lot better.
It was the usual routine for Dinner, Soup followed by Chicken with rice in a vegetable sauce.
The conversation at dinner was all about the climb tomorrow, up to Kibo Camp, it is over 5000 mt. The plan is to get to Kibo Camp after lunch, go to bed, then wake up for dinner. Then its back to bed for a very short sleep till 23.30. At this time we start for the top of the mountain.
Today we have met many people who are coming down the mountain, they all say it is cold and very hard work. A lot of people have not made it to the top; the altitude sickness was to much for them! We are all a little anxious going to be tonight.