Monday, 16 August 2010

Kilimanjaro. Tanzania. June 2010. Day Two

Every one was up early this morning. Breakfast consisted of porridge, bread & fruit. As well as sausage, omelette, tomatoes and cucumber. Writing it down it sounds a bit odd, but every meal is brilliant, especially when you consider where we are.
We started to hike again and very soon the path emerged into what Felix called ‘The Meadow Land’, it really looks more like a Mooreland, a sparse landscape with grass, heather and small bushes, it also has a plant unique to the mountain the Giant Lobelia. As we climbed higher it became more like the South African Fainbos, and the flowers we saw were small yellow everlasting ones. Interestingly there was no wildlife, not even many birds.
The rout took us up and down through gorges, climbing steeply all the time.After about 2 ½ hours walking it was time to stop for lunch. A lot of very large black and white crows were waiting for the lunch left-overs, Saz has been reading to many Twilight books and she stated that they are ‘The Omen of Death’.
After the lunch break it seemed a long hard slog up to Horombo Camp. We were the last party trekking up at this stage due to the constant call of ‘Poly Poly’, I was surprised that I adjusted to the pace but Saz did not like the slow pace and was racing ahead of the group.
We had been walking for about 6 hours when we rounded the top of a gully and saw the silhouette of the two large dining huts at Horombo Camp. They looked massive, shrouded in mist. The mist blows through Horombo all the time and it is a blessing, as with out it the Suns rays would be so strong your skin would get burnt in no time.
Horombo is a spectacular camp, situated above the clouds, when the clouds cleared, just for a moment, I had just a quick glimpse of the street lights in the town of Moshi down below. Following another good dinner of soup, pasta and pudding. Felix advised us all to get off to our bunks and get a good nights sleep, that along with drinking plenty would help with acclimatisation. I was just nodding off at 20.00 when a very loud shriek work me up. I thought it was RB who had seen a large mouse in the hut, but she said it was the mouse that made the noise! Seems like there is wildlife on the mountain after all.