Sunday, 18 July 2010

Kilimanjaro. Tanzania. June 2010.Manchester to Kilimanjaro.

It was the middle of the night when I was rudely awakened by the frantic cries of ‘Get Up’. ..’The alarm has been set at the incorrect time, we need to set off NOW!’.
The alarm clock was set for, and had rang at 03.00, this was a mistake, as the KLM desk check in time at Manchester Airport was 04.00 and we live more that a one hour drive from the airport. PANIC!
By 03.30 we were in the car and on the road, due to the early hour there was minimal traffic and we made good time to the airport, only to be scuppered at the turn off for the Airport as the junction was shut, clutterd with road works. The map was consulted and a new rout found and at 04.45 we pulled into Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport.
After all the rush the KLM flight to Amsterdam was delayed by 20 mins due to some air traffic issues at Schipol. At Schipol the KLM flight to Kilimanjaro was also delayed by a further 40 minutes.

The flight was good, the crew very good, fantastic customer service making up for very uncomfortable seats, poor entertainment system and inedible food!
The arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport was uneventful. I all ready had my Visa, though you could get them at the Arrivals Hall, and Yellow Fever Inoculations. The Yello Feaver Certificate was not needed if you were arriving on this KLM flight. The mini bus was waiting to take us along dirt roads to the Springlands hotel.
Entering through large metal gates The Springlands Hotel is a small oasis in the busy town of Moshi.

RB had arrived earlier in the day, travelling Air Kenya from Dubai and Precision Air from Nairobi.
The dining area was closed but the staff provided us with tomato and cheese on toast then escorted us to our rooms, one hot shower later it was time for bed.