Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Driving from Bandar Jissah, Oman to Dubai. January 2010

Today we were driving from Bandar Jissah, Oman to Dubai. We drove along the Muttrah Corniche to get some photos of it in the day.
The main road from Muscat to Sohar is on the flat and fertile strip of land between the Mountains and the Gulf of Oman. This area was very populated. Many of the small towns we passed through had a fort (and plenty of roundabouts), most of the forts appear to have been renovated. We went in to Barka Fort, it had been very well restored, but unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos of the interior.
The Door to Barka Fort.

The next stop was Sohar, some books say this is supposed to be the birth place of Simbad the Sailor, and I saw a mosaic picture of a sort of Simbad looking person on the ...............roundabout!
We called in at the Sohar Beach Hotel for lunch. It was also shaped like a fort, a white one. A bit India meets Oman Fort in style I felt?
The gardens and pool at the rear of the building lead out onto the long sandy beach, but the hotel its self was very quiet. There did not seen to be many people staying at it, the dining area was very busy with 'business men' having late lunch.
Once we had finished our club sandwiches, we set off again. The boarder crossing into the UAE was easy, I saw a Mobile Mosque at the boarder, built in a small porta cabin, but couldn't take a photo due to the restrictions on photography at such places.
Once we were through the Hatta Mountains it was a straight drive in the Desert. Then, very soon the worlds tallest building could be seen, Dubai, in all its glitzy glory, looking good at sun set. So, reflecting on a four day break in Muscat, Oman. Well, it has left me wanting to visit again. I feel we only scratched the surface of this beautiful country. It is such a contrast to Dubai. It has genuine heritage, we saw Omani families living family life! Walking on the beach, playing with the kids, stuff like that. I have never seen that in Dubai. Altogether it was more normal that Dubai appears to be, but I don't know why. Anyway next time I visit, I will have done my research, and know where I am going, visiting all the wadis, beaches and hot springs, and hope to get to meet a genuine Oman Turtle face to face!