Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Aqaba to Amman. Dubai to Manchester.

Having travelled four times on the boring and tedious Desert Highway, we decided to drive from Aqaba to Amman on the less used Wadi Araba Road. This road follows the boarder with Israel to the Dead Sea. The road cuts through the sandy desert, with mountains on both sides. The route was very interesting, Mirroring the road on the other side of the boarder. The green areas of Kibbutz's were easy to spot. The road was also VERY fast, in less than two hours we were back at the Dead Sea. Just off the road is the Cave where Lot sheltered when God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah, we called in to visit the cave, but it was closed for renovation. The view from the hillside was good though!
In Jordan's capital city Amman we explored all the Tourist sites. Amman was a friendly city, easy to explore and as in common with other Middle East City's, very safe.
The Temple of Hercules.
After a busy few days in Amman it was time to fly to Dubai with Royal Jordanian Airways. On standby its all ways a relief to get on any aircraft! We were in the small seats at the back, but we were on!
Reflections on Jordan, this was a land of contrasts. I am so glad that we visited the lush Northern Hills of Jordan, as this area was very different to the rest of the country. Jordan is a small country, it is easy to travel by car, the choice of accommodation ranges from basic to absolute luxury. The food is Arabic and is of good quality. Unlike many, I did not get ill (only Cuba did that to me!). I found Jordan to be safe and very welcoming and would recommend any one to visit this Jewel of the Middle East.
The final leg for us was EK19, Dubai to Manchester, I like this photo of the EK planes on the tarmac at Dubai.