Friday, 30 October 2009

September 2009 Air Emirates Rota.

August into September 2009 ended with 2 weeks leave, spent cruising the waters of the Caribbean on The Liberty of the Seas.
Hurricane Bill threatened to disrupt things, but headed Northwards and the holidays plans went ahead smoothly. Then it was back to Dubai and back to work; DXB- Lagos-DXB. DXB- Istanbul-DXB x2 (turnaround). DXB-Amman-DXB (turnaround). DXB-Dacha-DXB (turnaround). DXB-Manchester-DXB. DXB-Frankfurt-DXB. DXB-Tehran-DXB (turnaround) Then a 5 day trip DXB-Singapore-Melbourne-Singapore-DXB.Holiday at the end of that lot, a distant memory!!