Wednesday, 4 February 2009

How to get a Job as Emirates Cabin Crew.

So.....Almost one year since I started this Blog, and it has not done well. Not even managing to record events on a monthly bases, never mind daily!
So it is one year since Trolly went to Dubai...or DXB in Crew Speak.
How did she get that coveted Emirates Cabin Crew Job. ...It was quite a journey.
How to get a Job as Emirates Cabin Crew. Step One.......
How to Become Emirates Cabin Crew - An aspiring flight attendant's must have guide to acing the interview

You can apply on line on the Emirates Global Web site, fill in the on line application.
About one month after this was done we received an email inviting Trolly to an Assessment Day that was being held in Liverpool. You were advised to dress in ‘Office Attire’ and informed of the date and times. The event was held at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool.
It was an early start, 09.15 for 09.30. Anyone arriving after that has fallen at the first post!
The morning was devoted to watching the Emirates Recruitment Video. All about the fantastic lifestyle on offer in Dubai.
Some girls were all ready looking as if they worked for Emirates, with the bright red lippy on and hair scrapped back, and very smart, black suites. Trolly turned up with little make up and hair in a pony tail!
The first test was the reach test. To check that you are tall enough to shut the hat almost 6 foot, that was no a problem!
Then chit chat and the first question ‘Why do you want to work for Emirates?’.
Second task, ‘talk about yourself for one minute’.
Then the group was split into two and set the task, ‘ if you were on a stranded on a desert Island, how would you get off it, and who would you leave behind?’.
Before lunch came the first round of eliminations, the group size was cut in half.
In the afternoon there were more group tasks. Then, at the end of the day, letters with your candidate number were left on the table for you to pick up......luckily Trollys asked her to go back the next day. She was one of three, out of over 30 who was asked back for a face to face interview.