Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Blackpool ship wrecks & sharks.

This is a photo of the Ferry 'Riverdance'. It ran aground on 31st January 2008. Accroding to the news, the Ferry was hit by a freak wave in bad weather. It was a very stormy night.
A total of 19 crew members and four passengers were flown to safety from the Riverdance, after it ran aground on the north shore of Blackpool beach. It was on its journey from Northern Ireland to Heysham.
Owner Seatruck Ferries said it was trying to salvage the ferry.

We went down to see the ship yesterday, as it has been said that the owners of the ship want to scrap it now. They are going to cut it up on the beach!
There were security people keeping us away from it. So this was as close as we were allowed to go.

Intrestingly, just yards from the Riverdance is the remains of another ship.
It seems that if we go back almost a century earlier, almost to the day?!? The Norwegian ship 'The Abana' got into trouble in a storm on her way from Liverpool to Florida.The three-masted ship mistook the recently-built Blackpool Tower for a lighthouse when she was sailing in the Irish Sea in a storm on December 22, 1894.
The Abana was spotted floundering off North Pier, her sails torn to shreds. Blackpool lifeboat crew was alerted but a rescue attempt was delayed for a few hours as the lifeboat, the Samuel Fletcher, had to be towed from Blackpool to Bispham by horse.By the time it was launched at Little Bispham, the Abana had already been wrecked off Shell Wharf.The lifeboat crew rowed through the surf to the stricken vessel and rescued the men, only to become stuck on a sandbank.The gallant boatmen pushed her clear and reached the shore to the cheers of about 100 people.Rescuers and rescued were given a party at the Red Lion Hotel, Bispham.It's a testament to Victorian shipbuilding that part of the wreckage can still be seen at low water on the beach at Norbreck. The bell hangs in Cleveleys Parish Church to this day.

Another find, were thease small sharks, we say three of them dead on the shore....its put me off ever going in the sea at Blackpool????