Sunday, 20 April 2008


It has been a busy week, and the weekend was a welcome break.
I worked an eight day stretch, work was very busy. On the eighth day, I was extremely tried and fatigued. I was very pleased to have my days off, and for a change we both had the same weekend off! On Saturday. We went to the Lake District. To a Lakeland Village called Elterwater. Organised as ever, we forgot a Map and change for the National Trust parking meter. We managed to scratch up £3.00 between us and so were restricted to 2 hours.
April, but still very cold. It was lovely country side and this Boxer enjoyed the walk. There was a 10 K run on so the roads were very busy.


It must be Spring........lambs in the feilds.
A blue lakeland stone cottage, it doesnt come out blue on the photos? It looks grey?