Thursday, 26 May 2016

Leaving Air Emirates Airline Cabin Crew and other stuff to blog

It has been ages since I blogged. lots of reasons for this:
in mid 2013 I was informed I had breast cancer, the treatment for this illness prevented me from travelling on an aircraft!!! Ow, the injustice of it all!! Following on from the treatment, I didn't have the energy to do anything, let alone blog.
I did do a bit of blogging on here as soon as I was told I could travel, I was off to see the Northern Lights in Sweden, sit on the beach in Phuket and drive The Caprivi Strip in Africa.
Kangos, Sweden. Pine Tree Lodge

Moira in Kangos, Sweden. Pine Tree Lodge. As I have the hat on you cant see my lack of hair!

In Phuket, lack of hair seen.

Getting on to the Emirates flight back to MAN , its great to have a daughter to greet us x

Proud Dad

At Shindi in the Okovango
Happy to be able to Fly again
After that mad 4 months, there was a lack of money;  due to being off sick and spending it all on posh travel. Also, it was time for me to go back to work. Then followed a very busy time of working and a bit of trave giving me lots of ................Subjects to Blog;
A visit to Crete at the end of 2014.
Cape Town and the Garden Route. January 2015.
Dubai April 2015.
A very wet visit to Sorrento in May 2015.
During  2015 in was the Rugby World Cup, and it was held in England, so no touring holiday for this RWC. but I did get involved and will blog it.
A quick trip to Tenerife October 2015.
A Cycle Africa challenge in October 2015.
Sri Lanka and Maldives March 2016.

As for leaving Emirates, My Dolly with the Trolley rang me on New Years Day 2015 telling me she that after 7 years she had  decided she would be leaving; leaving Dubai and her job as Cabin Crew with Emirates. There were many reasons, but from my point of view it was time to leave and move on to new challenges. Flying like that is tiring and trying on the mind, body and sole.
I will blog about the leaving process, and ask her to record the best and worst bits about working for Emirates as now she has left the 'gagging' order we had to stick to is gone. Mind you, it will not be a Dragana style ''Do Not Fly Emirates'' fest
Just as my daughter left she booked a photo session in her Uniform the results are stunning.

Air Emirates Cabin Crew Photo Shoot

Air Emirates Cabin Crew Photo Shoot

Air Emirates Cabin Crew Photo Shoot

Air Emirates Cabin Crew Photo Shoot

So I have lots to blog and hope to get on with it on rainy days, and hope that the information continues to help you plan your independent holidays, you really do not need travel agents you just need confidence,  my Sri Lanka trip will illustrate that. Also, this blog is for me is a travel diary, as it is easy to forget what you have done and when. I often find myself using the blog to remember events from the past, it truly is a diary, one I have been neglecting and I need to get back to it!