Monday, 26 March 2012

Emirates Cabin Crew Roster Feb 2012. Holiday Time!

Feb 2012. This month is a Holiday month!
so the month started with:
31 Jan-TUE Day Off
01 Feb- WED EK 514 DXB 15:20 DEL 19:50. 01-WED EK 515 DEL 21:20 DXB 23:45
03-FRI   EK 733 DXB 15:00 KRT 18:25 ,03-FRI EK 734 KRT 19:55 DXB 00:45(+)
05-SUN EK 763 DXB 10:15 JNB 16:25
06-MON 18:30 EK 764 JNB 19:15 DXB 05:15(+)
08-WED XX Day Off
09-THU XX Day Off
10-FRI XX Day Off
then the obligatory long hall flight prior to going on any leave!
11-SAT  06:50 EK 215 DXB 08:20 LAX 12:50
13-MON LAX 16:00 DXB 19:45(+) 
Where did I go for my Holiday?
So, where to go on holiday when there are so many destinations to choose from! This time, and a bit out of character, it was well planned. The planning started in November when a group of 8 Emirates Cabin crew decided that they would go to Rio for the Carnival!!!
Since the 3rd January 2012 Emirates has operated a daily flights to Rio de Janeiro, departing from Dubai. A 777 operates the route, and on the 15th of Feb 2012 it was a 'party flight' to Rio as quite a few Crew boarded this plane to Rio. I believe the bar ran dry! All Emirates flights to Rio de Janeiro land at Antonio Carlos Jobim Airport (also known as GaleĆ£o Airport). The airport is approximately 20 km from the Central Business District, and is easily reached via taxis and buses. We got a Taxi, to an apartment close to the Copacabana beach. This had been booked through a Brazilian Crew contact one of us had. When we reached the apartment, we were a bit short of beds, but that was soon sorted and the apartment was perfect.
The next day we were joined by another person who flew with BA from the UK and now our party was complete. It was time to hit the sights Rio has to offer. Like most visitors to Rio, we started with Rio’s main attraction, Christ the Redeemer. Inaugurated on October 12, 1931, at the top of Mount Corcovado. Christ the Redeemer attracts around one million tourists per year, it was busy on the day we went. To get to the top we took the red train. Then for the rest of the week we enjoyed the Beaches, Restaurants, Bars and Carnival. The night at the Samberdrome, cost a lot, but it was great.

Then all to soon the fun was over and it was time to get back to Dubai and start work again with a Dubai to Athens turnaround.