Thursday, 15 April 2010

January 2010. Air Emirates Cabin Crew Roster.

It was a day off on New Years Eve, but it was no good for celebrating the dawn of the New Year , as she was flying to Calcutta or Kolkata at 01.25 on New years Day.
Most of the Air Emirates flights to India are turnarounds, this flight was a layover. Non of the Crew wanted to look around Kolkata so she hailed a Tuk Tuk to give her a tour. The owner of the Tuk Tuk must have had a 'Happy' start to 2010 as these are some photos from her 'tour'. I have not visited Kolkata, but if I went, I would like to see the Hugli River, the Queen Victoria Memorial and Government House, the Raj Blaaran? As I said, some local man had a really good start to 2010! But then, so did the Crew. The hotel put on a New Years Day BBQ by the pool of the Hotel that the Crew stay at. So it was a good start to 2010.

03-01-2010 = DO.
04-01-2010= Dubai- Beirut-Dubai.
05-01-2010 to 08-01-2010=DO.
09-01-2010= Dubai to Colombo.
If your in Sri Lanka you have got to see Elephants, even if they are just in the road! 10-01-2010= Colombo to Dubai.
11-01-2010=DO.12-01-2010= Dubai to Dhaka, again the flight that goes at 03.45 landing in Dhaka at 11.00 is a layover. Dhaka City guide mapThis is an Indian Street scene that she saw....
13-01-2010, Dhaka to Dubai.
14-01-2010 to 16-01-2010 = DO.

17-01-2010 = Dubai to San Fransisco, again, that's three months on the trot! There is loads to see so its not a problem. 19-01-2010= San Fransisco to Dubai....its a long flight ...15 hours, and people get hungry on this flight and ask for extra food. It seems the air craft can cope with the fule needed for the aircraft but not the fuel needed for the passengers!

20-01-2010 to 22-01-2010 = DO.
23-01-2010 = Dubai to Kuwait...that's not a long flight, do you think extra food is needed?
24-01-2010= Sleep day.
25-01-2010= Dubai to London Heathrow and back to Dubai on 26-01-2010.
27-01-2010 to 29-01-2010= DO.
30-01-2010 = this should have been Dubai to LA (USA), but as she has been to LA all ready , so it was swapped for a Dubai to Houston.
During her Huston layover Trolly was advised by Crew members that the NASA Space Centre in Houston was not worth a visit as it was for children. Well, looking at the photos and listening to the rave reviews from Trolly, we must be an immature family! It is billed as 'Houston's top attraction is the official visitor's center for NASA, where simulations allow you to experience what it's like to walk in space or land on the moon. Visitors can also tour the NASA control center.'

So it just goes to show different people like different things.
January's rota went into Feb, as the flight back to Dubai EK 212, left Houston on 01-02-2010 at 06.50 pm arriving in Dubai at 06.45 pm, and no it does not take 5 minutes, we wish! Its another long 14 hours and 55 minutes, do you think plenty of food was on board? Well the crew to at least two full meal services, and lots of Bar rounds. I suppose it just depends what you like, as I am not very keen on the food served 'in flight', I try to eat in one of the nice restaurants in the airport. Obviously not all passengers do that.