Sunday, 9 August 2009

Air Emirates Cabin Crew Roster July 2009.

As far as travel and holidays go, not a lot has been going on lately. I am back at work, saving for the next adventure, that will be to help with my planning, please send any comments about Jordan to me.
So, for those of you waiting for Emirates to start recruiting again soon,I thought I would post a Emirates Cabin Crew roster, this one is for the month of July. I am afraid there are no photos, due to the loss of a camera during the Glastonbury Festival.
1 July; DXB-Manila-DXB.
5 July; DXB-Beirut-DXB.(turnaround)
7 July; DXB- Johannesburg-DXB.
12 July; DXB- Accra, Ghana-DXB.
16 July; DXB-Manchester-DXB.
20 July; DXB-London HR-DXB.
25 July; DXB-Munich-DXB.
28 July; DXB-Bombay-DXB.(turnaround).
The good news was that due to the fantastic lost property system at Glastonbury, the lost camera was returned during this month and is undergoing repairs. I hope it will be back in used soon.