Sunday, 26 August 2012

Air Emirates Cabin Crew Rota/Roster for May 2012 and June 2012.

May 2012, Emirates Rota /Roster.
May was a case of Sickness and Holidays!
1 May= DXB- Jakarta-DXB. no one would swap!
3/4/5/6 May =DO, and horrid days off as not feeling well.
7 May, DXB-SFO, but had to call in sick as very unwell with an ear infection!
I was then off sick untill 17 May 2012. and even then on the DXB-DAC-DXB flight on 17 May my ears were painful.
20 May = DXB-KWI-DXB.
23 May = DXB-MAA-DXB.
then I was on holiday, but did not go away, had a 'staycation', that makes a change.

When the Emirates A380 started flying , almost four years ago now! It was set up as a separate fleet, and the crew worked only on the A380. In June we were informed that A380 crew would start to work on the B777. This has been called 'Cross Qualifing'. This may effect my Rotas in the future? will have to see.....
June 2012.
4th June, was down to go to Dallas, but swapped and went to Seattle instead! it was great and I visited the Boeing factory.
11 June =DXB-KHI-DXB.
12 June = DXB-MAA-DXB.
15/16 June= DXB-MAN-DXB
18/19 June =DXB-LGW-DXB.
23/24/ & 27/28 June= DXB-GLA-DXB.


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